Nautilus Rigging manufactures ‘positive locking’ subsea and ROV lifting hooks. Subsea7 is using 20 units of the company’s NH-SS22E (22t SWL eye-top release hooks) ROV-operated lifting hooks for deployment of SUTA Mats on the LANZI project, in water depths of up to 900m.

Nautilus Rigging’s ROV and subsea hooks incorporate the company’s patented ‘positive locking’ technology that eliminates the risk of unplanned self-release of the load, which is a known and common hazard associated with the use of traditional-style ‘snap-on’ ROV hooks.

The advanced design and operation of Nautilus ROV hooks ensures that load integrity is maintained at all times until released by the ROV. The unique ‘positive locking’ function provides operators with a cost-effective solution to eliminate risk and significantly enhances operational safety in all critical subsea deployment and recovery operations.

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