new control system

J D Neuhaus is pleased to announce the development of an innovative, robust new system for controlling hoist and crane equipment.

The company’s JDN-RC (Radio Control) receiver is designed for long-lasting performance in rigorous operating environments commonly found in industrial and offshore applications, including ATEX (explosive atmosphere) zone 2 / 22 conditions.

Featuring a solid and extremely compact receiver (w = 250mm, d = 120mm, h = 200mm) to suit even hoists with low-carrying capacity, all components are accommodated in a shock-resistant GRP casing offering protection class IP65.

This means that the device is totally protected against the ingress of dust, and can withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction, thus making it resistant to seawater in offshore applications.

Breathable membranes are deployed to help guide any condensation from the interior to the exterior.

The meticulously-designed device facilitates quick and straightforward installation. This is largely because the JDN-RC has been developed to help standardise hoist and crane control.

As a result, the receiver can be mounted on the hoist or trolley, or at a separate location, in line with specific customer requirements.

What’s more, the standardised interface on the JDN-RC means it can be offered as a retrofit solution for JDN’s existing product range, e.g. their industry-leading Profi air operated hoists.

At the transmitter, single or two-step commands are supported by control elements that include a key switch, start and stop buttons, joystick, LED operating status display and LED low-voltage indicator.

The JDN-RC control allows users to work at a safe distance from the load and take a better viewpoint during operations. Here, the signal and selected command is transmitted and transferred into the controls of the crane or hoist by the receiver to ensure instantaneous performance.

Ultimately, the JDN-RC is ideal for spanning long distances between the hoist and the operator, and represents a sensible alternative to applications demanding a long control hose.

The design also facilitates use in hard-to-access locations, while multiple hoists can be controlled simultaneously if required. A charger for the external battery and a leather strap are supplied with every unit.

Both the transmitter and control receiver are rated for operation within the toughest of working conditions and are insensitive to dust and humidity.

The transmitter has a working temperature range of -20 to +55°C whilst the receiver operates within a -25 to +55°C range.

A transmitter Ex-classification is provided of Ex II 3G Ex ic IIB T4 Gc and Ex II 3D Ex ic IIIC T95° C Dc for zones 2 and 22 respectively, and Ex II 3G Ex nc [ic] IIB T4 Gc (zone 2) Ex II 3D Ex tc [ic] IIIC T135° C Dc (zone 22) for the receiver.

For more information, please contact J D Neuhaus via the enquiries form.