Profi Ti hoist

With nearly 270 years of hoisting technology experience, the J D Neuhaus company has pioneered many substantial innovations in the field of air-powered handling equipment and is now acknowledged as a global market leader utilising this technology. The company’s impressive range of hoists, covering lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 100t, are used worldwide for many heavy industry applications. These include shipbuilding and offshore and cover newbuild, refits and repair, as well as dismantling. Typical shipyard external applications include the installation and disassembly of rudder blades, shafts and propellers. Internal work includes heavy components for the engine room drive equipment, drive shafts and other general fitting-out or installation work.

Compared to electrically operated hoists, JDN air-powered equipment offers a wider range of operations that can be safely undertaken in outdoor locations that are damp, dirty or even hazardous. The equipment can also be operated indoors in dusty or potentially explosive atmospheres. Typical performance advantages include easy installation with robust, low-maintenance compact designs that combine reduced weights and easy handling with 100% duty rating toughness. Operating air pressures range from four to six bar with lube-free performance that ensures non-pollution of the environment due exhaust air that is oil free. A range of optional pendant controllers can provide sensitive, infinitely variable speed controls for the safe and precise positioning of suspended loads. The equipment can withstand dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C. This helps to ensure an unlimited duty-cycle performance capacity.

The Profi Ti represents the major range of hoists in the JDN range, a total of 19 products. These hoists all incorporate a top suspension hook mounting so that multiple hoists can be utilised for single load handling. Oblique hoisting that is typically required for ship rudder or propeller mount/ dismount operations can be accommodated (compliance with special safety precautions will also apply). The products can also be used for horizontal pulling. Where horizontal movements of suspended loads up to 20t need to be accommodated, then the Profi Ti hoists can be mounted on trolley units for operation on overhead support rails that even incorporate curves. The trolley horizontal movements can be achieved by manual, reel chain or fully motor operated hoists, with anti-climb and anti-drop features also incorporated. These are particularly suited for ship engine room operations where an optional low headroom trolley mount can also be made available.

These high performance, low-headroom products can be used with confidence in all areas where safety is a priority. They combine strength, reliability and speed with virtual operation silence, plus high-speed lift and lower functions. For units up to 20t capacity, an integrated emergency stop switch is incorporated into the main air supply. For hoists over 1t capacity, overload protection is provided as standard. Controlled load lowering in the event of total power loss can also be provided. The products are compact and based on a modern design which minimises protruding parts that could be susceptible to damage. They offer fail safe starting with a low-maintenance vane motor. A planetary gearbox incorporates longlife grease lubrication, while gears are manufactured from tempered or hardened high-grade steel. Load chains and hooks are also high tempered with a breaking strength of five times the nominal loads. An Ex classification according to EC Directive on Hazardous locations 94/9/EEC is provided as standard to levels Ex II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4, or with increased spark protection to Ex II 2 GD IIC T4.

For general lighter-duty lift operations, the JDN Mini series hoists are ideal. With load capacities of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg, these handy and flexible products are universally deployable as general tools for shipyard operations. Their compact, lightweight construction ensures easy operation, while the products provide the same degree of performance, reliability, durability and safety as the heavier duty Profi range. A Mini Manipulator version allows loads to be lifted, manually traversed and positioned using only one hand, and an explosion rating Ex II 3 GD IIA T4 is ensured.

Other marine-related products that can be supplied include hoists for underwater operation. These have successfully been deployed for the removal, repair and eventual replacement of a damaged 50t rudder on a fully loaded bulk cargo vessel moored off the coast of Venezuela, a project that was featured on the National Geographic Channel’s ‘World’s Toughest Fixes’ programme. Other specialised equipment includes hydraulically powered hoists designed for operation at extreme temperatures down to -45°C.