Nor Crane & Winch Group is an industry leader in pulling and lifting equipment for the offshore and marine markets. As a specialist provider for electrical and hydraulic deck machinery, Nor Crane & Winch operates a competitive and reliable business, with capabilities including:

  • Engineering, control components (Norway)
  • Sales, project management, service and contracts (UAE)
  • Testing, commissioning and service (Singapore)
  • Manufacturing, assembly, testing and final completion (China)
  • Sales office (India and Brazil)

Marine and offshore Winches

Nor Crane & Winch are able to custom-make equipment and tailor complete deck machinery solutions, including electro hydraulic / PTO / electrical drives linked up to main engine diesel electrical drives.

All winches comply with international class rules and can be delivered to full class certificates.

Nor Crane & Winch can install harbour tug boats forward or aft towing winches, able to be combined with anchor windlasses; towing hooks and winches that can be delivered for full escort service inclusive render / recovering based on each client’s requirements; winched with electrical and/or hydraulic drives.

Offshore crane.
Offshore knuckle crane.
Cranes under installation.
Anchor handling / towing winch.
Towing winch.

Platform supply, anchor handling, towing and construction vessels can be built with anchor windlasses (able to be combined with mooring drum), capstan, tuggers and sternrollers. Anchor handling, towing and construction vessels can also be fitted with deck and rail-mounted provision cranes and sharjaw / towing pins.

Marine and offshore cranes

All cranes are designed according to international class rules and can be delivered with full class certificates. All offshore cranes can be delivered with full API 2 specification.

Nor Crane & Winch manufacture cargo cranes 27t with a 30m radius and standard bulk configuration; marine service cranes (delivered with all three configurations for fixed, knuckle or telescopic jibs) up to 30t with a 25m radius; and offshore cranes with knuckle or fixed jib configurations up to 50t with up to 20m radius, delivered with full heave compensations.

Provision cranes / hose handling cranes can also be fitted, with fixed, telescopic and knuckle jib up to 10t with a 20m radius. Hose handling up to 15t with a 20m radius can be delivered fully prepared for zoned area.

Offshore services and supply

Nor Crane Marine and Offshore Services is capable of offering clients with unparalleled expertise and experience within mechanical, hydraulic and electric design, troubleshooting, installations, recondition, testing and supply of components.

Nor Crane’s oil and gas division specialises in hydraulics for offshore, in particular onshore rigs and rig equipment. Able to recondition and manufacture hydraulic drives and power packs for skidding systems, jacking systems and top drives, the company is fully experienced in undertaking turnkey contracts for piping installations, hydro testing, chemical cleaning and hot oil flushing for precommissioning of all rig equipment.

Marine services include full survey, inspection and troubleshooting for all third party equipment such as cargo / marine cranes, windlasses and mooring systems and davits, inspection for ballast controls, hydraulic and electrical systems, hydraulic steering gears / hydraulic for hatch covers, and others.

Full assessment and onsite services

Nor Crane & Winch also offers service and maintenance agreements that cover full assessment on all pulling and lifting equipment onboard.

Nor Crane & Winch also carry out on-site services such as troubleshooting, surveys and inspection of all hydraulic equipment, as well as installation, start-up and commissioning of hydraulic equipment such as winches, cranes, powerpacks, cylinders and others.

With the access of procurement systems to the parent company, Nor Crane Marine & Offshore Services has a unique sourcing for components direct from manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Hagglund, Oil Control, Danfoss and other major components manufacturers.

Pre-commissioning services for process systems

Backed with years of experience on pre-commissioning servicing both for onshore and offshore process plants (refineries, onboard / offshore production as FPSO’s / FSO’s, pipe and umbilical testing).

Services include:

  • Hydrotesting
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Hot oil flushing
  • Pigging / gauging
  • Bolt tension / torqing
  • Video inspection
  • Nitrogen helium leak detection (with cooperating partners)
  • Umbilical testing, electrical / hydraulic