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PAHCO supplies specialised lifting equipment, such as high-performance steel wire ropes and first-class quality load hooks (up to 1,000t, certified according to DIN EN 10 204 / 3.1 B.) for the offshore industry.

The company also provides supplementary crane parts and accessories, including chain hoists, crane brakes, cable guides, bottom hook blocks and wheel block systems, in addition to maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearings.

High-performance steel wire rope for offshore applications

PYTHON® stainless-steel wire rope is made in Germany in accordance to international standards, for example, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) DIN EN 10264/1-3 and DIN EN 10264-4, in addition to the American Petroleum Institute (API) Spec Q1® and Spec 9a for the oil and gas industry.

PYTHON ropes are suitable for a variety of equipment, from container cranes to highly regulated lifts.
PYTHON ropes are installed on the HLV Stanislav Yudin.
Certified cargo hooks, chain hoists and bottom blocks are part of PAHCO's PYTHON rope solutions.
PYTHON Super 8V and Construct 6 ropes are used as boom hoist ropes on large US-made lattice boom crawler cranes.
PYTHON ropes have been implemented in the ‘Kikeh’ production unit.
Favelle Favco Cranes have installed PYTHON Compac 35 non-rotating hoisting rope on top of the 2,073ft-high Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in Shanghai, China.
PYTHON ropes are used on the MV Ocean Commander (Siem Rovde).
PYTHON overhead crane ropes and cargo load hooks are suitable for various types of cranes.

PYTHON high-performance wire rope provides substantial benefits over general purpose wire rope. Service life is dramatically increased and other applications gain from a significantly higher breaking load in order to reduce the size of the system components.

These benefits include:

  • Plastguard® core encapsulation
  • HiPac® compaction technique (strand compaction)
  • Forcepac® compaction technique (rope / core compaction)
  • Longlife® rope design (superior fatigue-resistance and higher metallic cross-section)

HiPac-compacted, flexible steel wire rope

PYTHON Compac 35 is a HiPac-compacted, flexible rope with a very high breaking load, making it suitable for multi-layer spooling. Due to the complex LongLife core design, the rope is very flexible and durable, compared with rope having a low number of inner strands.

PYTHON Compac 35 provides excellent results on tower, mobile, crawler and offshore pedestal cranes, and is available in high diameters for offshore winches and knuckle boom cranes.

Its excellent rotation-resistant properties make PYTHON® Compac 35 the preferred choice for all single and multiple-line reeving applications.

Features of PYTHON Compac 35 include:

  • Available diameters: from 10mm to 120mm
  • Available in regular, langlay, right and left-lay
  • HiPac strand compaction
  • Manufacturing tolerance: +2% / +4% (conform to LEBUS drum spec.)
  • Premium choice for multi-layer systems
  • Recommended max fleet angle of 2.0°
  • Rotation-resistant steel wire rope (Class A)
  • Tensile strength: 1,960n/mm², 2,060n/mm² or 2,160n/mm²
  • Usable with swivel

High-strength hoist rope for offshore lifting equipment

PYTHON Hoist C is a flexible, high-strength hoist rope for offshore cranes and deck cranes. The PlastGuard protection makes this rope less sensitive to high-fleet angles. The tight rope package provides very good pressure resistance on multi-layer drums. A long-lasting lubrication formula protects the rope during long idle times.

This rope is recommended for applications with high-dynamic, fatigue loads where the core might otherwise fail. The plastic core shield acts as a shock absorber.

Features of PYTHON Hoist C include:

  • Available diameters from 10mm to 60mm
  • Available in regular, langlay, right and left-lay
  • HiPac® strand compaction
  • Plastguard® core encapsulation
  • Rotation-resistant steel wire rope (Class A)
  • Tensile strength: 1,960N/mm² and 2,160N/mm²
  • Manufacturing tolerance: +2% / +4% (conform to LEBUS drum spec.)
  • Usable with swivel
  • Recommended max fleet angle: 2.0°
  • Premium choice for multi-layer systems

Eight-strand steel wire rope for cranes

PYTHON Super 8C is the classic upgrade rope for most crane types to increase rope service life performance while maintaining the ability to operate with fleet angles up to 4°.

The eight-strand construction provides an excellent combination of flexibility, fatigue life and abrasion-resistance. The rope can be supplied in dual-tensile strength where the outer strand wires are made from higher fatigue-resistant steel, which is available on request.

PYTHON Super 8C is ideal for hoist lines in systems using a left and right-handed rope and in multi-fall applications with low lifting heights.

Features of the Super 8C comprise:

  • Non-rotation-resistant, eight-strand, steel wire rope
  • HiPac-compacted
  • Plastguard core encapsulation
  • Tensile strength: 1,770N/mm², 1,960N/mm² and 2,160N/mm²
  • Available in diameters from 10mm to 80 mm
  • Available in regular, langlay, right and left-lay
  • Manufacturing tolerance: +2% / +4% (conform to LEBUS drum specifications)
  • Not able to work with a swivel
  • Recommended maximum fleet angle of 4.0°
  • Multi-layer suited

Offshore applications for steel wire ropes

PYTHON wire rope range is ideal for a variety of lifting applications and equipment, including:

  • Drilling lines for rigs: Solid 6R, Solid 6C and Super 6 C
  • Hoist lines for mining vessels: Compac 35
  • Main hoist lines for deck cranes: Compac 35 and Hoist C
  • Main hoist lines for offshore cranes: Compac 35 and Hoist C
  • Pipeline pull project offshore: Compac 35
  • Riser pull-in lines: Compac 35
  • Ship lift systems: Super 8C
  • Tow lines for subsea ploughs: Compac 35


PAHCO has been providing industrial services for more than 25 years and currently supplies its products to 17 countries worldwide, with a focus on Latin America. Its headquarters is located in Bremen, Germany, with a branch office in São Paulo, Brazil.

The company aims to meet its clients’ requirements and expectations for high-performance, steel wire rope and load hooks, in addition to first-class crane and hoist equipment and accessories.

White Papers

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    The breaking strength of wire rope can be increased in two ways: either by increasing the wire material tensile strength or by increasing the rope's fill factor.

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