Protea has recently established its own manufacturing facility, where one hundred new employees found work. It is a very modern fabrication plant in Poland with capacity over 1000 tones/year of machine and steel structures. We have become a high quality manufacturer in Poland with work costs significantly lower than in Western European countries. We are actively seeking orders from domestic and foreign markets.

At the moment the company continues the deliveries of series of new generation BOP Gantry Cranes, with lifting capacity of 550t and height of 30m. The first crane of the series has been successfully tested in Singapore on the new semi-submersible drilling rig, Seadrill 8. We are already building the second and third crane in our new facility.

BOP Gantry Crane is able to lift BOPs (Blow-Out Preventers) weighing up to 550t with a double hoist system. The crane is equipped with specially designed holding and guiding system, additional devices for double sheave block stabilizing, additional auxiliary hoist and a radio remote control system to make the crane operation easy and flexible.

Easy and safe maintenance has been ensured with very elaborate system of service platforms and ladders. To minimize the weight of equipment Protea had to apply the most advanced strength calculation methods.