Heavy lift crane

Protea is already well-known globally for delivering high-quality offshore and marine lifting and mechanical handling equipment, including cranes, winches and launch and recovery systems.

With its extensive knowledge of handling operations and in-house design capabilities, Protea are fully committed to developing new products and solutions that provide its customers with state-of-the-art, cost-effective and efficient equipment which add value to their operational requirements and ultimately the bottom line.

Protea engineers are currently developing an ‘all new’ cargo crane that will set new standards in heavy lift cargo crane technology and performance. The all-electric crane is constructed from ultra-high strength steel and will be available in a range of sizes from 60t to 500t (even higher upon client request).

"The combination of high strength steel and the electric drive system allows our customers to benefit from significant improvements in operational efficiency," highlighted Graham Manning, Protea global sales manager.

Firstly, the weight savings of up to the 40% when compared with standard cargo cranes translate directly into increased vessel cargo carrying capacity. Secondly, the environmental benefits of the all-electric drive system with VFD not only improves cargo handling times it reduces energy consumption by around 20% and thirdly by being ‘all electric’ it eliminates hydraulic oil and therefore the possibility of oil leaks.

Combined with a host of other innovative design features such as a reduction in minimum crane radius to give increased deck space, panoramic cabin design for improved operator visibility and reduced maintenance activities, the new crane is expected to provide a ‘Step Change’ in heavy lift cargo crane design.

Protea is planning to test the first unit at its world-class manufacturing and testing facilities in Southern Poland next year.

A full update of the crane development programme will be available at CIPPE 2016 in Shanghai from 23 – 25 August (Hall W1, Stand W1376), ONS 2016 in Stavanger from 29 August to 1 September (Stand 446, hall 4), SMM 2016 in Hamburg (Stand 108, Hall B6) from 6-9 September and Offshore Marintec Russia in St Petersburg (Hall H) from 4 – 7 October.

Graham also commented: "We are looking to discussing this game changing crane, capturing any feedback and welcoming existing and potentially new customers this autumn."