Rabutec is an integrated crane, topside and subsea equipment maintenance and engineering company with the capability to produce customized products. The company’s subsidiary Rabutec Singapore was established in 2007 to enable Rabutec to pursue regional and technical growth.

Crane-servicing workshop and support facilities

Rabutec has established crane-servicing workshops and support facilities at Port Klang near Kuala Lumpur, and at Tuas, Singapore. With the setting up of these service centres and the establishment of an in-house engineering department, Rabutec is able to provide comprehensive technical and services support for crane and lifting operations. Rabutec is one of the larger crane-refurbishment companies in the region.

Offshore-crane refurbishment services

With its newly acquired facilities, the company has the ability to simultaneously refurbish 30 offshore cranes of capacities from 5t/year to 250t/year. Rabutec’s well-trained technical teams include crane specialists, certified crane inspectors, hydraulics and mechanical specialists, and structural engineers.

Design and manufacture of topside equipment

Rabutec can provide design and manufacture services for topside equipment, including design, fabrication, assembly and commissioning of gangways; design and manufacture of custom equipment (including mooring and well-control equipment); and fabrication, machining and maintenance services.

Rabutec has two crane-servicing workshops and support facilities (in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore).
Rabutec has access to four offshore drilling rigs (one tender assist rig, one 350ft WD jack-up and two platform-mated rigs).
Rabutec designs, fabricates and leases heavy-compensated gangways.
One-way or two-way traffic gangways can be supplied.

Heavy-compensated gangways

Rabutec has expanded its operation as a marine access specialist by providing heavy-compensated gangways to its clients. Rabutec has experience in designing, fabricating and leasing gangways for well-known offshore operating companies.

Rabutec’s gangways are constructed of steel, aluminium or a combination of both, and wide enough to support one-way or two-way traffic depending on the client’s request. In addition, the gangways support hoses and pipes for pumped-fluid transfer purposes as well as electrical power.

Rabutec always emphasises the importance of certification and safety considerations for its products and services. Rabutec’s engineering team follows the guidelines and standards of API and other classification societies during the process of designing and fabricating materials for gangways. This maintains high standards of services and – most critically – the safety of personnel.

Rabutec’s references include working with Equinox to to design, build and commission a 30m gangway to be installed on its accommodation/work vessels.

Design of marine and offshore structures

The naval architects and structural engineers at Rabutec Engineering have many years’ experience in the design and analysis of marine structures. The company has been involved in a wide variety of design projects, from offshore structures to super yachts, and designing complete vessels to third-party verification.

Its marine engineering division is a small company specialising in design and analysis of fixed and floating structures and for marine operations in the offshore industry. Its size means it does not have large company overheads and is flexible enough to set up a project team to meet the requirements of its client. It has further design and analysis turnover rates (a crane formation design and analysis takes two weeks, including drafting).

Its associate engineers have come from design companies such as ST Marine and Sembawang and fabrication yards such as Daewoo and Keppel. Accordingly they have the required understanding to produce designs that are easy to fabricate whilst minimising materials and fabrication time and meeting the requirements of the approving body.

Rabutec owns core software products including Autodesk Inventor Professional, NASTRAN and AutoHydro Pro and specialist software (such as ANSYS for jacket and jack-up structural analysis). It prepares all drawings using Autodesk Inventor and can issue drawings and reports in PDF format.

Rabutec engineers have worked on projects in many different parts of the world including Australia, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. The company can save time and costs for its clients by using the appropriate national and international standards used in these areas for design work and speeding up the approval and fabrication phases.

Subsurface engineering and project consultancy services

Through its recently established association with US company Collarini Associates, Rabutec now offers specialist services in:

  • Full field reviews / asset reviews
  • Field development plans
  • Geophysical and geologist consultancies
  • Certification of fields
  • Reserve appraisals and acquisition evaluations
  • Divestment evaluation and data room
  • Total asset management