Trans-Web is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of webbing lifting slings. With a reputation built on quality products and customer service, Trans-Web also manufactures a range of other webbing-based items for numerous distributors in the UK and internationally.

Safety harnesses, lanyards, safety lines and fall and arrest systems

Height safety equipment is designed, tested and manufactured in the UK by Trans-Web. The company has significant experience in this field and has invested a great deal of time and effort in producing a range of height safety items; these include safety harnesses, lanyards and safety lines, as well as work positioning and fall arrest systems. These items are used to make working at height easier, more comfortable and, above all, safe.

Lifting slings, endless round slings and multi-leg sling assemblies

Lifting slings, endless round slings and multi-leg sling assemblies are among the complete range of textile slings on offer by Trans-Web. All can be supplied with lifting protection, are manufactured to the latest EU safety standards and made to order, often delivered the next day. Trans-Web’s large round sling range come in sizes of up to 100t and 36m in circumference, all fully tested and certified.

Customised bespoke lifting slings and custom-made sling assemblies for offshore applications

Custom-made bespoke lifting slings and sling assemblies are not a problem for Trans-Web. Over the years, slings and sling assemblies have been designed, developed and manufactured to the customers’ own specifications for specialist lifting operations, and the company has supplied numerous specialist slings for boat lifting. Bespoke custom-made slings may need to be made in a specific kind of configuration, require specialist tailoring or the use of specialised fabrics to overcome a particular handling issue or meet the needs of a unique application.

Trans-Web provides custom-made lifting systems, designed for specialist lifting.
Trans-Web manufactures safety harnesses, such as the Balmoral harness.
All Trans-Web slings are tested and certified to the latest EU standards.
Round slings manufactured by Trans-Web can be up to 100t in size and 36m in circumference.

Ratchet lashing products for vehicle recovery, transporting heavy loads and restraining cargo

Ratchet lashing products and various load restraints are manufactured in a complete range of sizes and lengths; they are suitable for vehicle recovery, transporting heavy loads, restraining cargo, or use in the manufacture of curtainsiders. Trans-Web stocks a vast range of cam buckles, over-centre buckles, snap hooks and D-links. Whatever your load restraint requirements, should it be lashings or net restraints, Trans-Web has it all, with lashing protection also available.

Height safety equipment

Recent additions to Trans-Web’s product portfolio include a include a new range of fall arrest blocks, rope products for use with height safety equipment and height safety harness kits. Specialist webbing sling products that Trans-Web has developed include tool belts and bags for use at heights, boat lifting slings, vehicle recovery systems and lifting slings for wind farm turbine installation and transportation.