Van Mechelen Lifting Gear designs, manufactures and sells lifting and hoisting gear, including crane blocks, wire rope blocks, deck blocks, sheaves, swivels, turnbuckles, sockets and hooks, etc., both custom-built as well as standard (from stock). Working loads vary from 1t to 5,000t and over.

Distribution is worldwide and mainly through wire rope trading and rigging companies and shipyards but also to selected ship owners and end-users directly. The company’s primary focus is on the marine market, including general shipping, offshore, dredging, harbour cranes, etc. Van Mechelen Lifting Gear’s quick response is claimed as being one of the company’s strengths.

Lifting and hoisting gear for the offshore industry

Van Mechelen Lifting Gear was established in 1869 in the city of Bergen op Zoom, situated halfway between Rotterdam and Antwerp. The company started as a blacksmith and coach repair shop. At an early stage it started the forging of customised products by steam forging. As a spin-off, the company manufactured bicycles under the label Glymes.

In the early 1900s, Van Mechelen Lifting Gear started manufacturing rigging and lifting equipment such as blocks, spanners, hooks, eyes and winches. Currently, the company focuses on lifting and hoisting gear. The company has been a member of the Ropeblock Group since 2003.

Van Mechelen Lifting Gear designs, manufactures and sells standard and custom-made lifting and hoisting gear.
Crane block 800t.
Cast wire rope sheaves assy.
A&R hook 400t.
Multi-wire rope groove sheave.

Lifting equipment design and engineering

With over 25 well-educated, highly motivated and dedicated employees, a modern production facility and global customers, Van Mechelen is a well-known and reliable partner for lifting equipment that our customers can rely on.

Design and engineering is performed in-house, using modern hardware and 3D modelling capabilities. Van Mechelen can include the latest design features in our products.

Crane blocks

Standard crane blocks range from single sheave to sextuple sheaves, from 5t to 200t, with single point hooks and duplex hooks, non-standard from 1t to over 5,000t and, so far, up to 30 sheaves.

Upper blocks

Standard range of upper blocks ranges from single sheave to triple sheaves, 1t to 50t, non-standard from 1t to you name it.

Snatch blocks

The standard range of snatch blocks ranges from 1t to 50t, but non-standard up to 600t. These are mainly single sheave but double sheave and triple sheaves can be provided.

Vertical, pivoting and horizontal lead blocks

The standard range of vertical, pivoting and horizontal lead blocks ranges from 1t to 10t; however, we offer up to 500t. Lead blocks are available with single sheave, double sheave, triple sheave, quadruple sheave, etc.

Steel and iron casted sheaves

Sheaves are continuously being made in any conceivable size and structure. Our range includes up to ø3,500mm, including a huge variety of bearings, bearing structures and sealing, for a wide range of environmental circumstances, ocean depth of 8,000m, high and low temperatures, food industry, chemical plants, dredging, etc.

We supply sheaves made from steel or iron casting, assembled and welded structures, technical plastic, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, etc.

Standard and custom-built swivels

The standard range of swivels ranges from 3t to 300t, single-point hook and duplex hook, from 20kg to 1,500kg. Custom-built swivels have been made up to 1,000t and a mass of swivels up to 15t.

Sockets for the offshore industry

The standard range of sockets includes open and closed spelter sockets, open and closed wedge sockets, short bow sockets, fast connector sockets, super reeve connector sockets and swage sockets. Ranging from an MBL of 8t to 2,150t for wires ranging from ø6mm to ø160mm. Apart from these standard sockets, customised sockets and swage terminals are being made.

Jaws, oval eyes, round eyes and other turnbuckles

The standard turnbuckle range includes connections like jaws, oval eyes, round eyes and stub ends, trapezoid thread, metric thread and UNC tread, and closed and open bodies. Standard features supplied include lock nuts, and capacity ranging from a working limit of 0.25t to 160t. Customised turnbuckles have been made in extreme lengths and up to a working load of 240t.

Cargo hooks, overhaul balls, triangle plates, pad eyes and lifeboat blocks

In addition to the products mentioned above, deliveries include a.o. cargo hooks, overhaul balls, triangle plates, pad eyes and lifeboat blocks.

Certified lifting gear for the offshore industry

Products can be supplied with every thinkable classification approval and certificate. Van Mechelen aims to realise deliveries which comply in all aspects with the demands and requirements of our customers in terms of product quality, product safety, technical specifications and delivery time.

About Van Mechelen Lifting Gear

The accumulated know-how and experience have made Van Mechelen Lifting Gear a household name for everyone who has to deal with regular or complicated lifting jobs. The flexibility of our lean organisation ensures quick action and swift delivery and is highly valued by our customers worldwide. In many cases, time is of the essence in our branch. Van Mechelen is well aware of this.

The company is continuously seeking new frontiers for better serving customers in true partnership.