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Heavy Lift Engineering, Rigging Rental and Sale of Certified Components, Integrated Lift Management

Versabar (lifting)

Versabar is a global leader in the development and application of heavy lifting solutions. The company specialises in engineered rigging systems, rigging rental and sale of proof-tested and certified lift components.

Versabar provides custom heavy lift solutions and integrated project management to clients worldwide, and is associated with accuracy, reliability and safety.

Custom-engineered rigging systems

Versabar manages lift projects of all sizes and scopes, working around any constraints that may come into play. Custom-engineered lifts often face a variety of challenges including limitations in hook-height, uncertain centres-of-gravity, an awkward lift location, acute time pressure, complicated rigging assemblies, or the need to integrate the actions of multiple cranes. Versabar has the broad expertise to anticipate such problems and deliver reliable lift procedures for complex lift projects.

Versabar engineers and furnishes custom rigging systems designed to connect each lift package to the crane hook in a manner optimised to meet the project’s unique requirements. Through the use of determinate rigging systems, structural loads are minimised during lifting, offset centres-of-gravity are accommodated, and eccentric hook prong loads are equalised.

Versabar shipped 35 rigging containers filled with 660t of certified rigging components to Singapore, where they were used to perform 25 lifts in sizes ranging from 107t to 2,602t.
Versabar engineered a custom 11-bar rigging system to remove a 385t refinery drill tower. It was designed to optimise load distribution and maintain a level lift of the 148in-tall structure.
Versabar shipped 250t of certified rigging components to Dubai, UAE. In 24 days, the rigging was used to complete 27 lifts ranging from 115t to 1,400t.
A custom 18-bar rigging configuration was used to lift a 448t module. Versabar’s rigging inventory and engineering expertise are key components to successfully performing large, complex rigging operations.
Versabar provided lift engineering and rigging to lift the full-size space shuttle replica Independence and set it atop Nasa’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft to create Space Center Houston’s aviation exhibit.
Versabar rigging was used for a containment vessel installation at a nuclear power plant. The company has the heavy lift experience to deliver reliable lift procedures for complex lift projects.
Versabar’s extensive inventory of proof-tested and certified rigging equipment provides the versatility to accommodate virtually any size lift with a reliable, cost-effective solution.
Heavy lifts require accurate weight and centre-of-gravity measurements. Versabar uses hydraulic jacks and calibrated load cells to calculate this data, generating highly accurate weight reports.

Inventory of certified rigging components

Versabar’s extensive inventory of rigging equipment accommodates virtually any size lift with a reliable, cost-effective solution that is optimised for greatest efficiency at lowest overall rigging weight. All of the company’s lift components are proof-tested and certified.

Rigging rental equipment

Custom rigging systems provided on a cost-effective rental basis from Versabar’s proof-tested and certified inventory save time and money while increasing safety margins. Versabar optimises custom rigging packages to meet clients’ specific needs, sometimes combining rental equipment with purchased rigging.

Certified weighing services

Versabar pioneered the first systematic weighing programme in the construction industry, and continues to lead the field in the number and diversity of packages it weighs on an annual basis.

The company’s weight reports calculate the weight and centre-of-gravity with an accuracy of +/- 1%. Using this data, rigging engineers calculate precise sling and spreader bar lengths to ensure a safe and level lift.

Versabar’s weighing division uses calibrated electronic load cells, hydraulic jacks, and proven field practices to accurately and reliably determine the weight and centre-of-gravity of structures from 1t to 12,000t.

Integrated lift management

Performing a lift of any size is a complex operation involving considerable planning and preparation along with professional engineering and execution. Versabar’s integrated lift management approach encompasses all aspects necessary for lift operations to be conducted safely and projects to be completed on schedule.

This includes gathering accurate weight and centre-of-gravity measurements, delivering a professionally engineered lift plan with verified lift points, providing certified and proof-tested rigging equipment, supplying drawings, documents, and qualified lift supervisors onsite, and taking any steps necessary to mitigate risk factors.

Having managed more than 100,000 lift projects, Versabar understands the demand for smooth coordination of services and a timely resolution of variables in preparing for and executing a lift project. By implementing in-house solutions, the company provides an integrated service that is efficient and reliable.

About Versabar

Versabar was founded in 1981 with the invention of the industry’s first reusable spreader bar, called the Versabar. They company’s foundations were in renting and leasing engineered rigging systems.

With more than 30 years of lift experience, the company has grown to add weighing and testing divisions, expand its rigging inventory, and extend its worldwide reach. Versabar has furnished certified, customised rigging systems to accomplish more than 100,000 lifts on six continents.

The company’s client list includes oil and gas producers, as well as refineries, shipyards, fabricators, construction companies, government agencies, offshore contractors and universities.

Versabar is based in Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

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