Wale Marine is a professional engineering corporation with 24 years’ experience in marine and subsea-related solutions and equipment, including hydraulic and pneumatic winches and powered reels, lifting equipment, launch and recovery systems, track tensioners, hydraulic shackles, swivels, grout plants and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) workboats.

Wale Marine specialises in the engineering of marine solutions and methodology as well as the design and supply of customised equipment. Our leading fabrication partners and sub-contractors are:

  • Hyflo for the engineering and supply of hydraulic systems and components used in our design and equipment
  • Lenwalt for the fabrication of structural steel, mechanical, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) equipment
  • Concrete Units for the construction of reinforced and pre-cast concrete works, as well as for fabrications incorporating large diameter spirally wound steel pipework
  • Customised plastic products for the fabrication of HDPE work boat hulls and barges

Lifting and pulling equipment

Together with our hydraulics partner Hyflo, Wale Marine can engineer and supply customised or bespoke cost-effective solutions for hydraulic, electric or pneumatic lifting and pulling systems and their ancillaries including:

  • Hydraulic knuckle boom cranes
  • Hydraulic A-frames
  • Deck-mounted or subsea drum winches
  • Hydraulic four-point mooring systems
  • Deck-mounted or subsea davits and hydraulic pullers
  • Hydraulic traction winches
  • Powered reels for ropes, umbilicals and flexibles
  • Linear winches
  • Hydraulic power units and control systems
  • Active heave compensation systems
  • Ancillary sheaves, fairleaders, rollers, swivels and hydraulic shackles
  • Over-boarding chutes
  • Track tensioners

Marine and subsea engineering services

Wale Marine offers engineering assistance for the development of operations procedures and methodologies for diving works and subsea operations, which naturally needs to be developed in parallel with the equipment available or to be engineered and fabricated.

EM control buoy gravity base installation (2000). 100m³ stabilising buoy supplied to SCS by Wale Marine for the controlled lowering of the 3,000Te caisson gravity base.
EM control buoy tether repair (2010). Hanging lower tether (combination air and SAT diving) with in-line tension buoy; installation to gravity base using Rhino 590 HDPE workboat.
EM tether repair (2010): upper tether (air-diving) with in-line 200Te puller being launched for connection between buoy outrigger and tension buoy, for relief of main tether load.
A 300Te hydraulic linear winch system supplied by Wale Marine to Leighton India for onshore pipe pulling during test loading prior to pulling (2008).
A 100Te hydraulic traction winch system for up to 127mm steel wire ropes supplied by Wale Marine to Endenburg during test loading and commissioning in Holland (2010).

Subsea installations, barges, pipeline beach-crossings and dredge pump systems

Our scope of expertise and experience in other fields includes:

  • Bespoke subsea installations
  • CALM buoy anchor chain replacements
  • Subsea pipeline, hose and spool piece installations
  • Grouting plants for cement slurries
  • Floating and jack-up barges
  • HDPE workboats and scuba replacement dive boats
  • Pipeline beach-crossings; conventional and directionally drilled
  • Submersible dredging pump systems
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning
  • Reinforced and pre-cast concrete works

Marine and subsea engineering experience

Our marine and subsea engineering experience includes:

  • Repair of tether system for Petro SA EM Control Buoy (2010)
  • Installation aids for EM buoy installation, Stolt Comex Seaway (SCS) in 1999-2000
  • Dry-docking blocking line for Stolt Offshore’s 25,000Te Seaway Polaris (2002)
  • Pre-commissioning of the Bonga Pipelines (2004-2005)
  • Knuckle-boom ships crane for SCS DSV American Pride (1999-2000)
  • Modular jack-up barge for geotechnical sampling – Franki Pile (2005)
  • Transport barge Calshot harbour Tristan du Chuna – Apple Projects (2009)
  • Hydraulic / electric dredge pumps – Murray and Roberts 1999 / Seychelles 1998