Winches can be powered in a variety of different ways, including hydraulic and electric power. Choosing the right winch will be based on review of several factors. When choosing between hydraulic and electric winches, ask these questions:

  • What will power the winch?
  • How will the winch be used?
  • How tough is the job?
  • How long will the winch need to perform work?

Power source

An electric winch typically uses the battery of a vehicle in order to power the winch’s motor. It will only work if the vehicle battery is charged, and it is possible for an electric winch to drain a battery quickly. Electric winches are the right choice for quick, occasional, and light use, as in ATV recovery, as they do not require as much in the way of power.

A hydraulic winch is powered by a hydraulic system. A hydraulic pump is required to operate the winch, but the efficiency of a hydraulic winch, however, is unmatched in power and durability. A hydraulic winch is built to withstand a big job, with the power to handle it effectively.

On the job

One of the main advantages of an electric winch is that it is often easier to install. If there is a need to transfer the winch from one vehicle to another, one must simply reinstall only the winch. ATV enthusiasts will appreciate an electric winch more, because it can be fast and efficient, and has enough power to pull them out of a rut. As it is only run on the battery of the vehicle, it does not require the expense of installing the hydraulic pump to power it.

Most any other big job is going to require a hydraulic winch, offering heavy duty capability and raw durability. The installation of a hydraulic winch will require more components to power it, but you cannot put a price on the efficiency and strength gained. For instance, a tow truck would require a hydraulic winch, but would also utilize a built in hydraulic pump system to power the heavy duty winch.

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