Aura Light supplies long-lasting light sources to offshore companies such as BP, Shell, Equinor, Aker Solutions, ExxonMobil, Total and Chevron.

We have developed patented lighting solutions that meet the industry’s performance and safety requirements and will continue to develop and offer the latest technologies with a focus on innovation and high-quality lighting products.

Innovative long-lasting light sources for the offshore industry

Aura Ultimate Long Life is a tri-phosphor lamp with innovative colour rendering and the world’s longest service life, as well as an extremely low lamp failure rate. The purpose of our Long Life products is to offer light sources that last three to four times longer than standard fluorescent lighting.

We manufactured the first Long Life fluorescent lamp in 1980. Today, our full range of lighting solutions cover any industry and application requirement.

Aura Light offer a wide range of high-quality light sources.
We perform stringent quality checks on all products.
In our production facility in Vimmerby, Sweden, we develop and manufacture lighting products.
Aura Light is a leading supplier of durable light sources to the offshore market.

In the oil and gas segment, our Long Life tubes have proven to be a reliable choice that provides safe lighting in harsh environments. Many of our customers require lighting for adverse offshore applications that can support optimal operational flexibility and time efficiency to reduce maintenance costs.

Containing specifically developed components and manufactured using a continuously controlled production, the Ultimate Long Life is a high-quality fluorescent lamp with unique advantages for applications such as production areas, warehouses and airports, as well as sign, tunnel and street lighting.

Cost-effective lighting solutions for adverse environments

Aura Light’s Long Life light sources will provide sites with long-term high-quality lighting in any climate. This will reduce the need for replacements and maintenance costs.

With a working lifetime up to four times longer than ordinary fluorescent light sources, Aura Light also provides environmental benefits. With fewer tubes replacements required, production operations, transportation and waste are also decreased by two thirds, leading to less CO2 emissions.

LEDs for oil and gas industry applications

We work continuously to develop high-quality LED products for the heavy industry market.

Light-emitting diode (LED) solutions can provide longer-lasting and more energy-efficient lighting for demanding offshore applications. At our product development facility, we are working on new LED luminaires and light sources for tough environments.

With high-quality, cost-effective lighting, we can help customers to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact. Our products range from smart lighting control to specialised luminaires and energy-efficient light sources so that we can create customised solutions based on unique requirements.

About Aura Light

Aura Light was founded in Sweden in 1930. Since then, we have developed our cutting-edge expertise in lighting and provided the market with a complete range of tailor-made, high-tech and sustainable luminaires, light sources and lighting control.

Our head office is situated in Stockholm, with a production facility in the southern part of Sweden. We have subsidiaries in Norway, Germany and Finland, as well as local sales teams in several countries such as Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Our workforce consists of approximately 200 employees.