Pharos Marine Automatic Power (PMAPI) provides OEM aids to navigation (AtoN) products to some of the most famous offshore projects worldwide.

Aids to navigation products for the offshore industry

PMAPI’s innovation in manufacturing continues with the Adipec 2014 launch of three new, market-leading product and service innovations:

  • Touchdown / position marking (TD/PM) circle and H helideck system
  • Full stainless-steel AtoN product range, including the prototype unveiling of the stainless-steel, two-mile fog horn
  • 360˚ OEM in-life servicing, maintenance and repair

Touchdown / position marking circle and H helideck system

PMAPI is uniquely positioned to supply, install and retrofit its CAP437-compliant TD/PM circle and H helideck system. PMAPI’s extensive product R&D process has ensured an innovative and comprehensive system, in order to serve virtually all helideck customer procurement requirements, with design features for both aluminium and steel deck mounting, as well as a full 360˚ OEM service delivery.

Full stainless-steel aids to navigation product range

As a direct response to customer demand, PMAPI’s launch of its full stainless-steel product range includes the Adipec 2014 prototype unveiling of a market-leading, two-mile, stainless-steel fog horn.

15NM & 10NM Ex Main Light.
Fog Detector FD-410.
Racon - Phalcon 2000 Zone 1, which provides radar range and bearing information to ships for safe and efficient navigation 24h a day.
Aviation Obstruction Light Ex Group A and Group B.
Zone 1 and 2 battery enclosures.
Increased safety control systems and junction boxes.

PMAPI is committed to its customers, from initial design specifications through to OEM manufacture, in-life service and support. In addition to PMAPI’s existing and comprehensive aluminium product range, the company’s oil and gas sector customers confirmed a requirement for an equivalent full stainless-steel solution.

With R&D and manufacturing resources based in London and Great Yarmouth, UK, and Houston, Texas, US, this full-system stainless-steel launch demonstrates how PMAPI is uniquely positioned to contribute more than 100 years of experience in creating and delivering market-leading, innovative systems to the offshore sector, whilst confirming the company’s mission to work as an industry partner with its clients.

360˚ OEM in-life servicing, maintenance and repair

As an original equipment supplier to the oil and gas, ports and harbours, and offshore windfarm sectors, PMAPI works with its global clients at all stages of its products’ life, from initial consultancy, through to R&D, prototype, OEM manufacture, in-life service, maintenance and repair, reconditioning, retro-fit, OEM parts supply, decommissioning and new product replacement and installation.

Sims Systems, part of the PMAPI group of companies, has earned an outstanding reputation for the quality of its maintenance work on marine AtoN and oil and gas platforms. The company also covers the servicing of electrical standby power for safety critical systems, together with the supply and maintenance of entire UPS systems and explosion-proof Ex enclosures and Ex battery boxes.

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