R. Stahl

Stahl-Syberg supplies explosion-proof products, in addition to related systems and services, to internatonal offshore companies based in Norway. The company serves the gas and oil, chemical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Comprehensive lighting solutions for the oil and gas industry

Stahl-Syberg provides a wide variety of switchgear and lighting packages for offshore companies.

The company’s switchgear and lighting packages include a customised electrical system according to the client’s specifications, electrical engineering and mechanical design services.

Stahl-Syberg’s solutions are suitable for refinery, and onshore and offshore recovery / drilling and exploration platforms.

Stahl-Syberg provides explosion-protection solutions for a wide range of industries.
The company produces floodlights and specialised lighting for adverse environments.
Stahl-Syberg creates integrated components for explosion-proof control unit systems and stations.
The firm’s components are designed especially for sealing and pressurising enclosures.
Explosion-proof signalling devices can be incorporated in Stahl-Syberg’s customised control systems.

Explosion-protected lighting for hazardous areas

Stahl-Syberg offers explosion-protected lighting, ranging from tank inspection lamps and floodlights to emergency lighting. All products cover all ignition protection classes.

The company provides project management and planning services, and creates customised lighting and complex emergency lighting systems.

Stahl-Syberg’s product range includes:

  • Emergency lighting technology
  • EXLUX 6001 / EXLUX 6009 linear fluorescent luminaires
  • Floodlights
  • Hand lamps
  • LED lighting for hazardous areas
  • Linear luminaire
  • Pendant and bulkhead light fittings
  • Portable lamps: LED type 6148
  • Tank inspection lamps
  • Tubular light fitting

Flame-prevention components for system solutions

Stahl-Syberg offers a wide product portfolio, supplying components for system technology to clients looking for tailor-made solutions. The company specialises in flameproof encapsulation (Ex-D) and increased safety (Ex-E) technology, as well as components for Ex-D and Ex-E enclosures.

Explosion-proof control systems

Stahl-Syberg offers explosion-protected command systems and signalling devices, which includes durable standard units and customised system combinations.

The company supplies a wide range of control equipment, including:

  • Built-in devices for control unit systems and stations
  • Control equipment for panel mounting with connection leads or terminals, and surface mounting
  • Foot and position switches
  • Grounding systems and monitoring devices
  • Measuring and monitoring equipment for surface mounting

Enclosure installation equipment and accessories

Stahl-Syberg’s installation materials includes explosion-protected cable glands for various ignition protection classes, stopping plugs to seal unused enclosure bore, breathing glands for maintaining enclosure pressure, explosion-protected cables for enclosure power supply, and other accessories.

Process and security products for offshore platforms

Stahl-Syberg’s cameras supply surveillance and industrial process monitoring for adverse environments.

Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, the company’s lightweight and robust surveillance systems include open process and security cameras, enclosures and software packages. They can be used in Zone 1 and 2-type environments.