Fairmount Marine Offshore Towage and Logistics Services for FPSOs and Drilling Rigs

Fairmount Marine is the world leader in the field of long-distance towing of the largest and most valuable objects afloat, such as caissons, FPSOs and semi-submersible drilling rigs.

Long-distance towing vessels for offshore logistics

In order to meet the highest quality standards imposed by our worldwide clientele – an absolute requirement when it comes to the towage and installation of the largest and most valuable floating units in the world such as FPSOs, gravity base structures, semi-submersible and jack-up rigs – Fairmount Marine operates five long-distance towing vessels with anchor-handling capacities of no less than 208t bollard pull and an average age of less than four years.

When towing at full power, these Fairmount Class tugs are able to stay offshore for 40 days, which makes them perfectly suitable to tow their valuable cargo from one side of the world to the other. The Fairmount Class tugs were built at the Niigata Shipyard in Japan between 2005 and 2007.

Supertugs, support vessels and semi-submersible barges for ocean towage

In addition to five Fairmount Class supertugs, Fairmount Marine operates – together with its partners – a fleet of multipurpose offshore support vessels and semi-submersible barges. Amongst them is the biggest semi-submersible barge in the world, the 50,000t deadweight giant GAVEA LIFTER (ex ZHONG REN 3), which is fully owned and operated by Fairmount Marine.

These barges are perfectly suited for the transport of jack-up rigs, modules, topsides and any other (general) heavy and oversized cargoes. Furthermore, in addition to providing a means of transport, they have proven to be a perfect platform for dry-docking of semi-sub rigs, drillships and vessels in remote areas or areas where no large dry-dock is available.

Worldwide ocean towage, salvage operations and marine contracting

Fairmount Marine’s main activities are:

  • Worldwide ocean towage, with its fleet of five super tugs of 208t bollard pull
  • Salvage operations
  • Marine contracting
  • Heavy-lift transportation by semi-submersible barges
  • Offshore supply services
  • Drydocking of large objects by semi-submersible barges

Offshore towage and transportation expertise

Fairmount’s staff of professionals, both onshore and offshore, is entirely dedicated to providing our clients with risk-free, high-standard solutions for demanding towage and transportation assignments worldwide.

Fairmount’s quality management system and safety, health and environment protection measurements are second to none and form an integrated, vital part of all operations. Building on the legacy of Holland as the cradle of ocean towage and special marine transportation, Fairmount Marine has positioned itself in the premier league.

It is our goal and our duty to surpass clients’ expectations, every day.

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Fairmount Marine BV

Hofpoort 16th Floor

Hofplein 20

Rotterdam, 3032 AC



+31 10 240 2500 +31 10 240 2599 www.fairmount.nl

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Fairmount Marine BV

Hofpoort 16th Floor

Hofplein 20

Rotterdam, 3032 AC



+31 10 240 2500 +31 10 240 2599 www.fairmount.nl

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