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Leak and Friction-Reducing Oil Additives

ABCON AS is a world leader in 'STOP LEAK' products for all stern tube, thruster and stabilizer systems, utilizing advanced Teflon fluid mechanic principles and trusted by leading fleet operators.

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ABCON AS is a Danish company, specialised in producing and selling Stop Leak additives and maintenance additives developed for the maritime market. Presently ABCON has more than 50 specialized products which were developed in close cooperation with Danish shipping lines.

For years ABCON has been a market leader in Stop Leak additives, delivering the products worldwide to more than two hundred vessels a year.

ABCON has products for:

  • Stern tubes
  • Thrusters
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Gears

All subwater products are available with a base oil of either:

ABCON is renowned for its widely used marine leakage-stopping products.
ABCON's Marine Multi-Lubricating Paste is used where corrosion protection and saltwater resistance are required.
One litre of the ABCON Marine-Transmission+ product.
ABCON has developed a range of stop leak additives.
  • Mineral oil
  • Unsaturated EAL
  • Saturated EAL

This ensures that our products are always compatible with the system oil which ensures that it complies with class recommendations for lube oil. All EAL products comply with the US EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable.

ABCON MARINE Stop Leak additives ensure that the vessel can keep on sailing until the planned dry dock. ABCON’s products help vessels avoid costly untimely dry-docking. This ensures that the vessel does not need to be taken out of commission.

All products are non-dangerous and can be shipped on short notice. ABCON’s products are easy to apply which can be done by the ship’s own crew.

Preventive maintenance

ABCON also has a full product line designed for preventive maintenance. It can:

  • Be used to reduce wear and the risk of leakages
  • In case of wear metals, it can reduce metal contact and reduce impact from bearing damage

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Press Releases

  • ABCON at SMM 2022

    ABCON will be attending SMM 2022, the international maritime trade fair, between 5 and 8 September at Horsholm, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Products & services

  • Stern Tube: Leakage

    Leakage issues commonly occur in stern tubes when they are least likely to be expected.

  • Stern Tube: Water Ingress

    Water ingress has the potential to be damaging to marine systems as it leads to a reduction in lubricity and an increased risk of corrosion.

  • Thruster: Leakage

    Leakages within thruster systems often occur when they are least expected, causing potentially costly damage and downtime.

  • Thruster: Water Ingress

    Water ingress is a potentially damaging phenomenon that reduces the amount of lubrication within the system and often leads to greater levels of corrosion.


    Leaking hydraulic systems can be treated effortlessly by adding a small amount of ABCON MARINE’s powerful HYDRAULICS SL solution to the affected area.

Ved Kladebo 9
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