ABCON Leak and Friction-Reducing Oil Additives


ABCON AS is the world’s leading producer of ‘STOP LEAK’ products for all stern tube, thruster and stabilizer systems, utilizing advanced Teflon fluid mechanic principles, and trusted by leading fleet operators.

Leak prevention additives

Close to 300 vessels have successfully been treated with ABCON MARINE-STERN TUBE SL and close to 100 vessels have been treated with ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER SL products. Satisfied customers are the proof of quality.

Its unique formulation means that leaking seals can be successfully treated with only 5%-10% ABCON MARINE SL product (by volume). The additive is delivered as a concentrated product in 5l, 10l and 20l pails. It can be filled into the system’s reservoir tank by your own staff and the effect is seen within a few hours.

ABCON MARINE SL can be used safely with all system oil. For systems with environmentally friendly oils a full line of BSL (Bio Stop Leak) products are available.

Teflon-based oil additives to reduce friction and wear

ABCON® also produces a range of Teflon-based oil additives specifically designed for the marine industry to reduce friction and wear on stern tubes, thrusters, stabilizers and all mechanical machinery, resulting in reduced downtime and cost savings for the operators.

ABCON® products are produced at the company’s facilities in Denmark and are available worldwide directly or through its agent network.


ABCON AS was formed in June 2000 by Jorgen P. Beyer who had over 30 years of experience working in the oil industry and identified a need for oils utilizing advanced Teflon technologies for reducing wear on mechanical components.

In 2005 ABCON AS started working with Danish Shipping companies to develop a range of advanced Teflon-based oil technologies to treat leaking shaft seal systems and improve lubrication and fuel efficiency on marine-based equipment. This unique collaboration led to the highly regarded ABCON MARINE series of products.

ABCON® is a registered trademark of ABCON AS.

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Leak and Wear Reducing Additives for Marine Vessels

ABCON supplies a range of innovative oil additive solutions for offshore applications, which have been carefully developed to mitigate leakages and reduce friction on-board marine vessels.


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Helenevej 9

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+45 45 161 163

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