Premier Chemicals

Premier Chemicals is a specialist distributor of gas purification chemicals, including NanAuCat™ gold-based oxidation catalyst for carbon monoxide (CO) removal, soda lime (Intersorb® and Spherasorb®) for carbon dioxide (CO2) and acid gas removal, and marine urea for nitrogen oxide (NOx) abatement.

Premier Chemicals also provides gas purification products such as oxidation catalysts and absorbent materials. These are typically used for the removal of low-level contaminants in breathable and industrial gases.

Diving gas-conditioning chemicals for the offshore industry

Premier Chemicals supplies diving gas-conditioning chemicals for use onboard dive support vessels (DSVs) during saturation diving activities. The company’s industry experience and REACH status ensure safe diving operations.

Intersorb® Subsea soda lime removes carbon dioxide within saturation diving systems onboard dive support vessels (DSVs).
The NanAuCat™ oxidation catalyst removes carbon monoxide from breathable gas, converting the former to carbon dioxide.
Premier Chemicals’ marine urea is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction agent for marine selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

The new Intersorb Subsea has been specifically designed for CO2 removal in saturation diving chambers, and demonstrates high-performance.

Additional gas-conditioning products available include NanAuCat oxidation catalysts used for safe CO removal, molecular sieve for water removal, activated carbon for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal and potassium permanganate impregnated media (PURAFIL) for removing sulphur and other odourous compounds.

Soda lime solutions for carbon dioxide removal

Premier Chemicals is a distributor of Intersorb and Spherasorb soda lime products for the removal of CO2 and other acid gases, in diving and industrial applications.

Intersorb Subsea is manufactured in the UK by Intersurgical, a supplier of medical consumables for respiratory care. It is a soda lime absorbent used within saturation diving chambers onboard DSVs, which prevents expired CO2 build-up within the chamber.

Intersorb Subsea chemically converts gaseous carbon dioxide to solid calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is retained within the absorbent, removing CO2 from the diving gas.

Gold-based carbon monoxide catalysts

Premier Chemicals supplies the highly active, gold-based NanAuCat oxidation catalyst, which converts CO to the less harmful CO2.

NanAuCat is used in hyperbaric welding operations to remove CO from the welding fumes, and prevent build-up in the welding and saturation diving chambers.

Compared with other precious metal catalysts currently available, NanAuCat has demonstrated higher catalytic activity with lower precious metal content, making it a more cost-effective CO removal technology than traditional platinum-based catalysts.

Marine urea for nitrogen oxide reduction

Premier Chemicals provides AUS40-grade marine urea for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems in marine environments.

Available through Premier Chemical’s partnership with BASF, AUS40-grade premier marine urea is a NOx reduction agent that has been specifically developed for use with SCR systems in marine applications.

Marine urea is manufactured to rigorous quality standards specified by ISO 18611-1: 2014 and will aid the longevity of the catalyst in the SCR system.

About Premier Chemicals

Premier Chemicals is accredited with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, ensuring that it meets industry practices. The company continually aims to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations, through its supply of the highest quality products and services.

In addition, Premier Chemicals is a member of Achilles FPAL, the supplier management community for the oil and gas sector (member 10054868).