Rocol at trade show

Offshore vessel operators seeking to enhance the service life of wire ropes and umbilicals, whilst complying with the new US VGP requirements, will be able to access the technical expertise of UK lubricant manufacturer ROCOL® at Offshore Europe 2015.

Exhibiting on stand 1C46 at the show, which takes place in Aberdeen, UK, between 8 and 11 September, ROCOL will be demonstrating why its recently Ecolabel-licensed BIOGEN WIRESHIELD wire rope lubricant offers an effective solution as stricter environmental standards combine with ever greater operational performance requirements.

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) designed specifically for the demanding offshore and marine conditions in which wire ropes and umbilicals are used.

In January, ROCOL was awarded an EU Ecolabel licence (Licence no. UK/27/013) for BIOGEN WIRESHIELD. which independently certifies that the lubricant meets the stringent requirements of the US VGP regulations.

As a certified EAL, BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is minimally toxic, biodegradable and non-bio accumulative. The lubricant’s pseudoplastic rheology means that shear or agitation causes a reduction in dynamic viscosity, which allows maximum penetration into umbilicals and wire ropes, as well as increasing pumpability during application to minimise blockages.

Corrosion-resistance is assured, with zero galvanic reaction after 1,000h in salt spray testing and BIOGEN WIRESHIELD also offers shear stability in the presence of saltwater, with little degradation in testing. Furthermore, recent independent testing has shown the operational temperature range of the grease is between -50˚C and 180˚C ensuring consistent performance in Arctic conditions and on Active Heave Compensation applications.

Visitors to the ROCOL stand at Offshore Europe will be able to take advantage of ROCOL’s technical advice from the company’s four-strong team in attendance during the show.

ROCOL business development manager for marine and offshore industry Gareth Procter said: "We are keen to help the offshore industry make the transition to EALs without compromising on the high-performance standards expected of wire rope and umbilical lubricants.

"BIOGEN WIRESHIELD successfully addresses the dual challenge that offshore operators face in staying environmentally compliant, with this product actually providing enhanced performance. This includes better corrosion-resistance and maximum penetration to the cable’s core."

For more information about BIOGEN WIRESHIELD, please contact ROCOL or visit stand 1C46 at Offshore Europe.