RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic® 268 wire rope, cable and chain lubricant has been evaluated by independent laboratories to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) definitions of biodegradable, minimally toxic and not bioaccumulative. RSC Bio Solutions therefore self-certifies the product as a Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013 compliant environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL).

The EnviroLogic 268 lubricant is designed for use in heavy-duty wire rope, cable and chain lines, like those used in marine environments. As a readily biodegradable lubricant with low toxicity, the product reduces harmful effects when discharged into the environment. The lubricant is based on natural ester technology and is a direct replacement for mineral oil based chain oils.

"With a wide variety of marine applications and equipment covered under EPA VGP 2013, RSC Bio Solutions is committed to delivering technically feasible products that meet the requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants," said Bernie Roell, vice president of technology, RSC Bio Solutions. "Keeping heavy duty wire rope, chain and other cable lines well-lubricated can be challenging, but our EnviroLogic 268 product meets the requirements of petroleum based wire rope, cable and chain lubricants and has excellent anti-wear characteristics."

EnviroLogic 268 also contains a special tackiness agent to reduce "sling off" from wire rope, cable and chain operations at high speeds. In addition to its tackiness, the lubricant contains a corrosion inhibitor for equipment protection from moisture, a property of critical importance in marine environments.

RSC Bio Solutions announced the certification of its EnviroLogic 100, 3000 series hydraulic fluids and SAFECARE® cleaners in September 2013 and the certification of its EnviroLogic 200 hydraulic fluid series, 200EP hydraulic fluid series and 802 grease products in November 2013.

Among the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals held by EnviroLogic products are Berg Propulsion, Blohm+Voss, IHC Sealing Solutions, Schottel, SKF, Thrustmaster and Wartsila. In addition, the products meet the specifications required by Brunvold, Kamewa and Rolls Royce. Key component and seal approvals held by EnviroLogic products include ATA, Chesterton, John Crane, Klingelnberg, Ortlinghaus, Simplex and Wartsila UK/Japan. EnviroLogic products also meet a wide range of industry performance specifications.

The EPA requires that all vessels use an EAL in oil-to-water interfaces unless technically infeasible. The VGP revision also requires any above water line hull cleaning or deck washdowns resulting in discharge to be conducted with "minimally toxic" and "phosphate free" cleaners and detergents, and that all cleaners and detergents be non-caustic and biodegradable. The EPA’s revised VGP permit became effective for all vessels greater than 79 feet on Dec. 19, 2013.

EnviroLogic EALs are suitable, proven and approved for a wide range of applications including controllable pitch propellers, thruster and hydraulic fluids and other oil-to-sea interfaces including lubrication discharges from stern tubes, thruster bearings, stabilizers, rudder bearings, azimuth thrusters, propulsion pod lubrication, wire rope and mechanical equipment subject to immersion. SAFECARE applications include deck and equipment wash, general purpose cleaning, degreasing, parts cleaning and oil stain removal.

For more information about EnviroLogic and SAFECARE products, please call 1-800-661-3558.