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AKD Engineering

Delivering Offshore Decommissioning Expertise and Solutions

AKD Engineering provides the global offshore energy market with fabrication, machining and engineering services.

Horn Hill,
NR33 0PX Suffolk,
United Kingdom


AKD Engineering provides the global offshore energy market with fabrication, machining and engineering services.

Based in the UK, AKD Engineering’s main Lowestoft facility covers more than 7.5 acres and is complemented by an adjacent dockside facility. Continuous investment has made AKD one of the premier manufacturing businesses of its type today.

With a history of inward investment, not only does AKD invest in its facilities and equipment but most importantly in people.

Offshore decommissioning services

One of the most significant developments for AKD Engineering has been its ever-increasing role in the offshore decommissioning market. This is demonstrated by AKD’s involvement in major decommissioning projects, such as Shell’s Indefatigable Field, valued at £12m. Lasting nearly two years, this decommissioning project was completed on time and to budget with no lost-time incidents (LTIs), underlining AKD’s professionalism and the importance placed on safety throughout the business.

Project management and decommissioning

AKD has supplied the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years and has expanded its offering to include the design and project management of turnkey contracts. The business has successfully moved into new markets, including offshore decommissioning, power generation, nuclear and renewable energy.

Our expertise and professionalism enables us to confidently work with major international corporations, EPC contractors, consultants and OEMs.

Engineering, design and project management services

AKD’s expertise means it can offer the following services to the offshore sector:

  • Offshore surveys, condition and dimensional surveys, and installation practicality assessments
  • Baseline decommisioning assessments and cost-analysis studies
  • Comprehensive laser surveys of offshore and onshore facilities
  • Conceptual design studies: engineering, structural, piping and installation
  • Appraisal of design, specifications and management of alterations (optioneering)
  • Project scope reviews and feasibility studies
  • Decommissioning and constructability studies, reviews and assessments
  • 3D modelling
  • Innovative engineering design: engineering, structural, piping and installation
  • Stress analysis, including Finite Element Analysis
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Engineering and project management services
  • Cost studies: planning and cost, time and resources (CTR) assessment and compilation
  • Planning and cost control
  • Preparation of work packs
  • Documentation control

Fabrication and machining services

AKD offers the following services to the offshore sector:

  • Comprehensive range of high-integrity structural and pipework fabrication
  • Trial and stage assembly
  • Pressure testing
  • Load testing
  • Machining
  • Surface treatment, painting and coating

Installation services

AKD offers the following offshore installation services:

  • Offshore and onshore installation
  • Offshore and onshore decommissioning
  • Supply of plant and equipment
  • Supply of offshore, site-based supervision and labour
  • Integration and management of subcontractors
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Non-destructive testing and inspection
  • Access platforms and scaffolding
  • Surface treatment, painting and inspection
  • Rope access, including rope access welding, inspection, painting and blasting

Huldra Decommissioning, North Sea

The Huldra gas and condensate field, located in blocks 30/2 and 30/3 in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, was discovered in 1982, came online in 2001, stopped production in September 2014.

Leadon Field Decommissioning

Leadon Field is located on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), in Blocks 9/14a and 9/14b in the North Sea.

AKD Engineering Ltd

Horn Hill


NR33 0PX


United Kingdom