DEN-JET is a specialist manufacturer of water jetting equipment. With modern research and development facilities, heavy in-house computer numerical control (CNC) machining capabilities and a full manufacturing facility in Denmark, we handle everything from product concept design to end-user support.

We also control logistics and support our assembly plants in Europe and Asia, as well as our global distribution network.

Water blasters, pumps and power packs

DEN-JET’s products include electrical, diesel, petrol, hydraulic and air-powered water blasters with pressures ranging from 100 bar to 3,000 bar.

We also manufacture a variety of pumps, power packs (motor and engine-pump units) and water jetting accessories for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market for the industrial, marine and offshore sectors.

Aerial view of DEN-JET facility in Denmark.
The CD25 Kubota model is one of DEN-JET's high-pressure water blasters.
The CD50 motor pump unit is one of our cold water diesel engines.
The CD50 motor pump unit features an open frame.
The CD160-2500 water blaster comes with a 20m high-pressure hose and a trigger-operated dump gun.
The CE20-500 water blaster has a working pressure of 500 bar / 7,250psi.
The CE40 water blaster features a 20m lightweight thermoplastic hose and a 15m oil-resistant electrical cable.
The CE100 is one of DEN-JET's cold water electric units.

Our products are available in Denmark, Singapore, Australia and China and we support our customers through our growing network of global distributors.

Visual fault finding for water blasting equipment

Visual fault finding is crucial in our maintenance process. All of DEN-JET’s products are installed with the means to visually identify the fault and we do not dismantle anything until the cause of the problem has been found.

Awards and accreditations

DEN-JET has grown rapidly during the last ten years. In 2009 and 2013, we were presented with the Gazelle award for being the 72nd best performing company in Denmark, among 4,000 firms.

In 2011, we received the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award and in 2012, the platinum award for Promising Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Award.


DEN-JET has more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing water jetting equipment for both Asian and European markets.

Our components consist of the highest quality precision parts in northern Europe, castings from southern Europe and metal plate and pipe fabrication from Asia.

DEN-JET’s industry-related experience, knowledge, support and team of sales engineers have focussed on in-field experience, in order to gain a better understanding of clients’ needs.