ECF Special Alloys Go Nuclear

Exotic material specialists have completed a breakthrough project for their company in the highly competitive, nuclear engineering industry.

ECF Special Alloys have fabricated a Screw Feeder Casing for nuclear company Springfield Fuels, which is managed by Westinghouse Electric UK.

The project was fabricated from Monel 400, an exotic metal which retains strength at extreme temperatures and is resistant to corrosion and acids.

Welders at ECF underwent specific coding to complete the project allowing them to weld Monel 400 to carbon steel casing.

The job was completed and delivered ahead of time as it was needed on an urgent shut down basis by Springfield.

ECF, who currently specialise in fabrications for the offshore, oil and gas and petrochemical process plant industries, have kept a close eye on the nuclear supply chain, renowned to be one of the hardest to break into.

Director at ECF, Peter Elliott, said: “The breakthrough project was instigated when a mutual inspector recognised our capabilities; he introduced us to Springfield immediately knowing they were looking for a supplier like ourselves.

“Expanding into the nuclear sector is a huge step for ECF and we look forward to working in partnership with Springfield Fuels in the future.”

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