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Mechanical Machining, Welding, Fabrication and Assembly of Medium and Large Components

ISMEC carries out the high-precision machining of medium and heavy components for the oil and gas sector. Its long experience in turning, milling, boring, grinding and welding enables ISMEC to supply for offshore platforms shafts, risers, stress joints, valves, subsea equipment and other components made to order.

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ISMEC offers services in high-precision machining of medium and heavy components for the oil and gas industry. Its long experience in turning, milling, boring, grinding and welding enables ISMEC to supply offshore platforms, with shafts, risers, stress joints, valves, subsea equipment and other components made to order.

The company offers a complete range of services, including development of projects, production and maintenance, providing precision mechanical processing and modern machineries with computer numerical multi-axis control (CNC).

Founded in 1973, ISMEC is a structured company located in the north-east of Italy. The company is certified according to quality standard ISO 9001, ISO 3834 for welding. It is implementing environmental sustainability through ISO 14001:2004 and health and safety policy. The company’s mission is to satisfy its customers’ requirements by supplying needed components according to projects and drawings.

Mechanical machining for offshore applications

ISMEC offers its customers a wide range of mechanical machining services. These include turning, milling, boring, grinding, polishing, burnishing, teething, threads by removal and by rolling, construction of machineries, welding, assembling and shrinking to quality control. All job starts from customers’ drawings and projects, following technical specifications and quality plans.

Lock assembly.
Receptacles for subsea equipment.
Handling eye for lifting devices.
Big body valve.
Series of long pipes with bored flanges.
Threaded jacket.
Turned and milled coupling.
Big frames.
Pipes for oil conduits.

With this background, ISMEC is making the oil and gas sector one of its core businesses. This area has been constantly increased by undertaking required investments in machinery and by taking all the necessary strategic actions to be competitive in the current global market.

The list of the parts already supplied and machined by ISMEC includes risers, riser tension joints, stress joints, BOP valves, shafts for gas turbines and subsea equipment for offshore platforms such as receptacles and connectors.

Metalwork components supply for the oil and gas sector

The parts supplied for the oil and gas sector include medium-sized and heavy steel metalwork components. ISMEC is able to supply complex welded parts for plants thanks to a qualified steel carpentry department that can build big frames, manifolds and lifting structures capable of meeting customer specifications, quality inspections and certification requirements.

Mechanical processing and material supply

Machines are able to work with carbon steels with a wide range of hardnesses, quenched and tempered steels, stainless steels, non-alloy steels, tool steels, cast iron, and some non-ferrous materials such as bronze, brass and others.

In addition to mechanical processing, ISMEC can offer its customers a full supply, starting from the procurement of raw material (forgings, castings, sheet metals) and also accessory material (screws and nuts, bearings, pipes, commercial items). The company can also handle any kind of treatment on the supplied parts, including heat treatment, stress relieving, sandblasting, painting, nickel plating and chromium plating. It can also handle any other requirements, cooperating with certified suppliers and constantly monitoring the work in progress.

Post-sales assistance, maintenance on offshore parts and components

Further to the changes in the situation of the global market, the most important aspects evaluated from the customers are quality and speed: to grant precision and accuracy, the systems adopted allow ISMEC to forecast the date of delivery at the moment of the receipt of the order.

In this way, the customer can schedule immediately its internal production or the delivery to the final customer. The same system is useful in case of delay, usually caused by a late delivery of the raw material or more time needed for quality controls: the customer is promptly informed about the change and can react in time to reschedule its processes.

In addition to the supply of the finished products, ISMEC can provide post-sales assistance to customers. Services include maintenance on active components, rehab and refurbishment of damaged parts and replacement of defective components after dimensional measurements on site.

High accuracy inspections of machined parts

ISMEC cooperates with the major forges located in Italy and Europe to grant its customers the best quality at the most competitive price. All material is produced according to technical specifications needed by the customer, with issuing of the relative certificates and, if required, a witnessed inspection performed directly by the ISMEC quality department.

The quality department is composed of specialised and certified personnel that carry out a wide range of inspections daily, mainly on final products. These include visual and dimensional tests, UT, MT, PT, boroscopic tests by request, hardness control and other special tests required by customer specifications.

In 2014, ISMEC increased its quality capacities by investing in the purchase of DEA machinery to offer its customers high-accuracy inspections of medium and large machined parts by 3D dimensional measurements.

Please contact ISMEC if you need more information or have an enquiry.

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    ISMEC is specialised in mechanical machining, welding fabrication and assembling of medium and large-sized custom products.

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