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Techman House, Broombank Park, Chesterfield Trading Estate, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield, S41 9RT, United Kingdom

Techman House, Broombank Park, Chesterfield Trading Estate, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield, S41 9RT, United Kingdom

Techman Engineering supplies custom-built machinery and manufacturing services to organisations within the offshore sector, delivering solutions to clients that benefit from our continued investment in design development and manufacturing expertise.

Techman provides customers with a service that noticeably adds value to their business through reduced manufacturing costs, increased speed of orders within procurement, organised delivery scheduling, improved management structure, as well as enhanced progress monitoring.

The company ultimately aims to provide outstanding performance in both quality and service to all of its customers. Its product knowledge ensures that it is fully up to date with production techniques, procurement requirements and quality standards. Techman also respects customer confidentiality and maintains a high degree of professionalism in all aspects of its working relationships.

Deep hole boring

Techman has two 10m deep hole boring machines capable of handling work pieces between 75mm and 500mm in diameter and 1m to 10m in length. These produce bores from 47mm to 185mm in diameter, and a range of skiving and burnishing heads are also available.

CNC turning and milling

Techman’s deep hole boring machines can accommodate most computer numerical control (CNC) turning processes, including thread forms conforming to API spec 7-2. The machines can turn 10m between centres, with a maximum swing over the saddle of 740mm.

The company’s small lathe cell offers capacities from the very small to components 3m in length. Its large ‘oil country’ lathe cell can process components of more than 10m in length thanks to its hollow spindle design.

Techman’s CNC milling cell consists of a variety of multi-axis machinery suitable for most needs, including long-bed milling machines with 10m of travel.

Manual turning

Techman’s manual turning service can be used for both rough and finished turned parts. The company’s highly skilled operators have adopted specialist methods to speed-up the process, while maintaining high levels of accuracy. Its vast range of machinery can accommodate components of up to 17m in length, with a maximum swing over the saddle of 600mm in diameter.

Hammer and shot peening

The CNC controlled ceramic shot peen machine at Techman can treat external and internal diameters and threads on products up to 10m in length. The machine can also carry out hammer peening and hot spot testing. It is capable of treating and testing parts from 1m to 10m long with internal diameters of between 60mm and 150mm.

Support processes

Techman has on-site fabrication facilities capable of processing parts from small fixtures to large steel structures. The company’s automatic hydraulic saw can cut material up to 400mm in diameter, accommodating lengths of up to 11m.

Additionally, although every care is taken to ensure a part is produced to the highest quality, the straightness of the components is critical. Techman’s 500t press is capable of straightening every part produced at the company’s manufacturing base.

To achieve a high surface finish and increase material surface hardness, Techman uses on-site roller burnishing applications including hydraulically controlled high pressure roller burnish tools for deep roll applications. Finally, the company offers a wear band fitting and removal service. It has a controlled area designated to the heat shrink fitting of components.

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Techman House, Broombank Park

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