long vandegrijp pipe

VandeGrijp is a leading manufacturer and supplier of large diameter tubes, pipes and tubular constructions for a variety of marine applications.

The company has a highly qualified team of engineers and a balanced supply chain, allowing it to achieve consistently fast through-times from order to delivery.

Our dedicated sales personnel possess extensive knowledge regarding fabrication and related processes. They are able to assist customers in optimising the design of their tubing solutions to ensure fast, efficient and safe operations throughout the project lifecycle.

Offshore tube systems for optimised flow rates

VandeGrijp converts steel plates into straight tubing structures with very narrow tolerances, while the longitudinal welds and round seams are welded using a SAW process. Welding preparation is conducted by autogenous cutting or milling.

VandeGrijp supplies thick-walled tubular sections in small and large diameters, in thicknesses of up to 150mm.
Longitudinal and circumferential welds are performed using SAW machines with machined-weld preparation.
High-load spreader bars are part of the product portfolio and can be built according to customer specifications.
VandeGrijp is a specialist in flanged tubular sections for marine applications.
The company is able to build connections and transitions in conical or square-to-round configurations for use with thick-walled tubes.
Crane pedestals can be manufactured in various diameters and lengths, with or without manholes.
Spud poles are fabricated by VandeGrijp in both large and small sizes.
VandeGrijp specialises in the manufacture of small-diameter, thick-walled tubes and pipes.
Pile followers are highly fatigue-prone tools used for piling, and have been successfully built at the company’s 800m² facility.
Plates can be inserted into a tube to provide a stiff and reliable connection to manage a structure’s vibrations.

All VandeGrijp’s processes are designed to achieve the highest possible build and performance quality to ensure optimum build processes, reliability and guaranteed delivery times.

Our robust tubes are utilised in a wide range of marine applications, including offshore constructions, crane pedestals, ship construction, spud poles and jack-up legs, as well as integration within pipelines that transport fluids and sludge.

We also provide piping systems and floating structures on a hire basis for use during a diverse range of offshore operations.

VandeGrijp is continuously striving to achieve the highest standards in safety and operational ability, and is always open to customer audits and inspections.

Bespoke pipes for marine construction applications

VandeGrijp specialises in the production of custom-designed pipe and tubing structures, which are optimised with fast response times, according to customers’ individual specifications and the latest quality regulations.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a variety of tube sections for dredging vessels such as suction and hoisting pipes, and dredge lines.

We are also able to provide straight spud poles with lengths of more than 50m and diameters larger than 2m, and manufacture pile followers, foundation piles, pile sleeves and a comprehensive line of crane pedestals of various diameters and heights to suit customers’ unique operational requirements.

In addition to these straightforward tube sections, VandeGrijp has produced specialised spreader bars for lifting topsides offshore.

We are accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and EN 1090-EXC4 safety standards, helping us to maintain and continuously improve the quality and reliability of our products.

High-quality pipes for offshore infrastructure

VandeGrijp’s cutting-edge production facility features a pipe mill capable of producing 4.5km of flanged pipes per month, featuring diameters up to 1.2m.

Our site also includes an 800m2 construction hall with three roll-bending machines that are able to cold form plates of up to 150mm thickness, with maximum diameters of 10m where necessary.

We can provide tubing solutions featuring lengths of up to 120m.

ISO-accredited welding processes for marine components

A range of different welding processes are used in the construction and manufacture of pipes depending on the project requirements, including SAW 121 / 123 FCAW 136, GMAW 135 and SMAW 111.

We possess a total of six SAW machines for longitudinal and round seam welding, and all our welding and operating staff are qualified under ASME, AWS and EN ISO standards.

We ensure the quality and safety of all our products via comprehensive audits of our management system and impartial third-party inspections.

About VandeGrijp

VandeGrijp is based in Papendrecht, the Netherlands, conveniently situated close to the port of Rotterdam, which provides convenient global transport links via water. The company’s spacious workshop is located on 8ha of premises and includes a RoRo quay at its own harbour.

We are also very well-connected by road, being situated only a few hundred metres from a major highway linking Rotterdam to Germany, allowing all our products to be delivered quickly and easily to clients worldwide.

Please contact us via the enquiry form with your project requirements and we will endeavor to produce the optimum solution to meet your needs.