BOURBON Expands its Activities in Russia

Global leader in offshore oil and gas marine services, BOURBON opens Bourbon Baltic, an affiliate based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to optimise vessel crew recruitment and continue offering oil and gas clients around the world top quality ship management services for their offshore needs.

A strategic location

BOURBON affiliates are strategically located around the world to work closely with local stakeholders and get access to highly skilled seafarers.

North-western Russia with its center in St Petersburg has a long-standing tradition of maritime activity and was chosen by BOURBON for the Group’s Russian affiliate. Bourbon Baltic focuses on ship management of BOURBON vessels. Continuation of BOURBON traditions to have ship management close to source of marine crew, this is an opportunity for BOURBON to benefit from numerous Russian marine offshore experienced crew onboard BOURBON vessels.

"Thanks to Bourbon Baltic’s strategic location, we will be able to draw from a large pool of graduates of prestigious marine academies as well as maritime industry workers who are recognized globally as being highly competent and experienced," says BOURBON senior vice president for fleet management marine and subsea services Frank Dambrin.

"This further strengthens our position as an offshore service provider dedicated to meeting the most demanding needs of our global oil and gas clients."

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