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Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) for Onshore and Offshore Markets

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Clyde Bergemann Australia (CBA) is a leading supplier of waste heat recovery units (WHRUs) for onshore and offshore markets around the world. CBA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group, a global group with a diverse range of products and services marketed under Clean Energy Solutions.

The Clean Energy Solutions portfolio features products and services that are designed to enable improved boiler efficiency, effective on-load boiler cleaning and ash handling, reliable combustion gas control and cleaning, sustainable energy recovery and customised burners. These technologies have been successfully installed around the world in a range of industries, including thermal power generation and industrial plants, incinerators, biomass fired boilers, petrochemical industry/refineries, pulp and paper mills, cement/minerals industry and marine boilers.

Offshore waste heat recovery

Clyde Bergemann Australia has delivered 37 WHRUs to a variety of locations worldwide, from FPSOs in Brazil to offshore platforms in Australia. We have recently been awarded supply of three WHRUs destined for the SBM Offshore Shell Stones FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico. Our integral bypass WHRU is a simple to install, robust, long-lasting reliable design that takes up a small footprint for offshore applications.

Hot water, hot oil or steam production (HRSGs)

CBA specialises in waste heat recovery solutions for a wide variety of applications, including hot water generation, hot oil heating or heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs).

Two fired HRSGs for BP Bulwer Island Refinery in Australia.
One fast-track WHRU for OSX1 FPSO in Brazil.
Three WHRUs for Prosafe Productions (BW Offshore Company) SãOMateus FPSO.
One of three WHRUs manufactured for Chevron Australia Wheatstone Offshore Platform.

Flexible heat recovery surface

For onshore and offshore applications CBA can offer either a Steel ‘H’® heat recovery surface or spiral finned heat recovery surface. Steel ‘H’ is supported by over 50 years of development thanks to our experience in working with a variety of flue gases – from clean to heavy fouling.

If weight is an important consideration we can offer lighter weight spiral finned alternatives of heat recovery in the form of in-line removable elements, which are easier to handle compared with an entire tube bank.

Our heat recovery elements can also be designed for dry running capabilities in high exhaust temperature applications.

Proven heat transfer in boiler and waste heat recovery applications

The Steel ‘H’ heat recovery surface has proven itself worldwide, including successful operations in coal-fired power plant boilers, marine waste heat recovery applications and thousands of industrial boiler applications. Design expertise includes erosion, corrosion, material selection advice and offshore design assistance.

We work with major consultants across the globe, providing innovative energy recovery solutions to support their pre-feed, feed study work.

FLNG heat recovery steam generators

CBA has developed HRSG technology suitable for the FLNG market. Utilising our 50 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of HRSGs we can point toward a long established track record of performance and reliability.

Diverter damper and stack design in-house

CBA has developed its own in-house designs suitable for either onshore or offshore applications. We can provide 100% sealing dampers and diverters from our group-wide resources. We have a specialised diverter damper technology division based in Auburn, Maine, US.

Global supply and service

As part of a global company Clyde Bergemann can manufacture and service from most centres around the world. We have facilities in Australia, North and South America, South-East Asia, China, India, Africa and throughout Europe. We can design and manufacture to any standard around the globe. With the range of manufacturing centres outlined above we have standards and codes to satisfy EN, ASME ‘S’ or ASM ‘U’, NORSOK, ISO9001, ISO18001 and ISO14001.

Below is a summary of benefits we can offer:

  • Flexible heat recovery design – either robust Steel ‘H’ or lightweight spiral finned tube
  • Integral bypass design featuring proven common shaft louvre damper design
  • Design to cater for heavy fouling environments
  • In-line fin tube design adaptable to many applications
  • Exhaust stack-silencer designs integral to the WHRU
  • Small footprints for offshore applications
  • Proven common shaft louvre damper design
  • 100% sealing damper design
  • Integral bypass HRSG for FLNG
  • Straight gas passes reducing pressure drop and less fouling in heavy fuels
  • Cold case or hot case design flexibility
  • Low maintenance costs due to few moving parts


  • Wisting Oil Discovery, Barents Sea

    The Wisting oil discovery is located in the production licence PL 537 in the northern part of the Barents Sea, Norway, in a water depth of 402m.

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