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Ocean Transportation and Installation of On and Offshore Components

Combi Lift is a leading specialist in worldwide ocean transportation and installation of heavy, project and break bulk cargoes.

Combi Lift is a leading specialist in worldwide ocean transportation and installation of heavy, project and break bulk cargoes.

At Combi Lift, we believe that, by setting the highest standards through solid business ethics, inspirational leadership and integrated best practices in quality, health, safety, the environment and pollution prevention, we are able to provide safe, innovative and reliable transport solutions that meet the individual demands and expectations of our clients.

Minimising risk, maximising efficiency

The handling, transportation and installation of heavy lift items always involves risks. Therefore, HSE awareness has always been a part of the Combi Lift mindset.

However, the factors are constantly changing and require constant assessment and improvement.

EIT Palmina loading for the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Windfarm Project. All transition pieces are loaded upright, fitted in a grillage developed by Combi Lift’s engineering department.
HSE awareness has top priority with Combi Lift and every transport is carefully planned in order to provide the client with a safe and reliable transport.
Palau loading a 775mt pipe-lay tower in Europe.
Combi Dock III performing float in operation with a dredging vessel.
Combi Dock IV rolling a 1,600mt J-Lay tower onboard. The Combi Dock type is one of the most versatile and flexy heavy lift vessels in the industry.
Palabora discharging suction piles for the Guara Lula project in Brazil. Combi Lift performed two voyages with a total of 16 suction piles and 64 counter weights.

Combi Lift has therefore implemented the three ISO standards 9001 / 14001 / 18001 in the organisation – ashore as well as onboard the vessels.


Combi Lift operates in segments, such as components for the on and offshore energy sectors, industries which are on the constant move and often require instant decisions.

Therefore, Combi Lift has built up a worldwide network of representatives and offices, staffed by skilled and experienced professionals that are able to provide our clients with instant service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Flexibility – lift / float / roll

No cargoes are alike, and all cargoes need to be handled in their own specific way.

Therefore, Combi Lift has developed the "Combi Dock", which is probably the most flexible vessel type in the heavy lift industry today.

The vessel is able to lift with its own gear, submerge and float cargo and roll heavy lift cargo via the stern ramp.

Chartering and operation

Our in-house chartering and operations departments are working from our global offices. This ensures quick and reliable responses to our clients’ enquiries, so the needed shipping solutions can be found.

To make sure that the cargo reaches the final destination in due time, good condition and without extra costs, our operations department is working 24/7, coordinating vessels, port agents, cargo operations and documentation.

Engineering and cargo supervision

The Combi Lift engineering department comprises of a team of experienced master mariners, naval architects / engineers and welding experts.

They are dedicated to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that suit their individual demands and expectations.

Our engineers work with state-of-the-art software to design and simulate innovative transport and installation solutions that are safe and cost / time efficient.

Furthermore, they attend loading and discharging operations on a regular basis.


  • Badamyar Gas Project

    The Badamyar gas project involves the development of the Badamyar gas field, which is located in the M5 block of the Gulf of Martaban in the Andaman Sea, off the shore of Myanmar.

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