UK-based asset integrity services provider EM&I is pleased to announce that ABS has certified the company as a Recognized External Specialist for robotic inspection operations such as In Water ODIN®, ODIN® Mooring Chain and NoMan® remote visual surveys of confined spaces, including tanks.

ODIN methods reduce or eliminate the need for diver intervention, which enhances safety and reduces costs, while NoMan enables the general and close visual inspection of confined spaces, including tanks and pressure vessels without the safety risk and costs associated with man entry.

EM&I CEO Pat Lawless said: “The formal certification by ABS and other major classification societies underscores the confidence that regulatory bodies and indeed our clients recognise in our world leading methods whose development has been encouraged by the HITS JIP (Hull Inspection Techniques and Strategy Joint Industry Project), which represents all facets of our industry”.

EM&I executive chairman Danny Constantinis commented: “Our leadership role in HITS and our continuing contribution to industry initiatives in the field of digitisation and robotics has focused our intensive R&D programme, which is bringing a new order of safety and cost benefits to our clients”.

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