EM&I has successfully carried out an operation in Brazil this week using one of the company’s latest innovations designed to expedite the changeover of flare tips on FPSOs, FlareSafe.

EM&I recognised the problems that operators and owners have with issues such as availability of helicopters and weather conditions when changing flare tips and their solution was to create equipment and a unique methodology to resolve these issues safely and cost effectively.

EM&I CEO Danny Constantinis said: "Our FlareSafe system allows old flare tips to be removed and new ones installed quickly, even with significant movement of the installation. Movement of the FPSO makes replacement using helicopters risky in all but very calm weather. Our system can be used with helicopters or using the Flare Safe cradle and double A-Frames without helicopters in more difficult weather conditions. We know that once a shutdown starts time is critical so detailed planning and versatile systems help ensure a safe and timely project, allowing the asset to get back to full production at the earliest opportunity."

A further side benefit of FlareSafe is the cradle’s unique construction that protects the flare tip during transportation and storage allowing for easier and more cost effective transportation by standard shipping containers.