Industry leading asset integrity service provider EM&I Group recently began an undergraduate work placement programme, a new initiative for the group, with the first successful candidate starting in EM&I’s Perth, Australia office. The programme was created with the objective of engaging talented undergraduates who could be part of the future of EM&I.

EM&I Group CFO Alexander Constantinis said: "Giving undergraduates the opportunity to experience a professional work environment can be a useful part of their academic development, allowing them to put techniques they have studied into practice. Whilst members of the EM&I team will invest time in training and coaching the undergraduates on our programme, the undergraduates, in turn, will be contributing to EM&I as they will be involved in real work. Our current graduate recruitment scheme has been very successful and continues to grow, and we hope that some of the undergraduates we engage will eventually become permanent members of our team."

Undergraduates joining the scheme in the UK and Australia will be accepted into several departments, including engineering, accounts and HR. The undergraduates must commit to between six to 12 months’ work to gain the most benefit from the programme.