Bleo Holm

EM&I have received a service order for a NoMan® Tank Inspection of the 4 Starboard Cargo Oil tank on an FPSO based in the UK North Sea.

Should this project be successful, the client intends to carry out all future cargo tank inspections on this asset using this method.
NoMan (Patent Application Number: 1607804.0) was developed by EM&I to minimise the need to use personnel in hazardous areas, and provides an economic alternative, which is much safer than traditional methods.

The NoMan system uses various remote inspection methods, including high-performance cameras inserted into pre-determined areas of the confined space by means of a manipulator such as a carbon-fibre pole.

The camera has pan, zoom, tilt and integral lighting, and is capable of both GVI and CVI inspections.

NoMan can also use ROVs and UAVs to gather inspection data and creates a 3D model of the internal tank structure using advanced laser scanners to detect any distortions in the structure.

The information from each of the inspection methods is compiled to create an inspection report, which meets class requirements.

Noman was developed as a result of the JIP (joint industry project) for HITS (hull inspection techniques and strategy), which EM&I are leading on behalf of the FPSO Forum. This has produced a number of ‘industry driven’ innovations, which have all received class society approval.