right, Arani & Siri, EM&I’s recently appointed partner in Angola

Pat Lawless (COO EM&I Group) assisted by Joaquim dos Santos (right, Arani & Siri, EM&I’s recently appointed partner in Angola) hosted and facilitated a workshop on ‘Production Efficiency in Angola’s Oil Sector’ in Luanda.

A total of 51 attendees, at CEO / MD level were drawn from all the major oil and gas industry players in Angola.

The workshop was opened by the Angolan Minister of Petroleum, and included keynote addresses from a range of speakers including the Board of SONANGOL. Break-out sessions brought out important and positive suggestions for collaboration and efficiency improvements.

EM&I’s ODIN® and NoMan™ technologies were presented as a proven approach enhance operational productivity by reducing costs, dependence on divers, bed space requirements, and safety risk.

In his remarks, the minister of petroleum stated that: "…. oil and gas players in Angola just have to work with companies like EM&I …."

Pat Lawless commented: "I am pleased we achieved what we set out to do for Angola’s oil and gas industry, and that we had the opportunity to show how EM&I’s disruptive technologies can make a positive difference to an economy that is dependent on production efficiency to grow in the current challenging economic environment."

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