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EM&I is pleased to announce that the company has joined the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative project.

The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is a new industry driven initiative that promotes the development, the availability, and application of robotics techniques in technical inspections and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure.

The use of Robotics can improve the quality and safety of the maintenance, inspection and cleaning.

Using robotics in the domain of technical inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure is of vital importance because of the urgency to minimise the impact on safety and the environment.

In addition, robotic inspection and maintenance may reduce shutdown times, preventing human entry of vessels and other equipment, as well as reduction of costs related to services required to enable human entry.

EM&I CEO Danny Constantinis said: "We lead the HITS JIP and by joining Sprint Robotics Collaborative, we plan to cooperate with this sector of our industry and learn about and help with the exciting developments being made by SPRINT Robotics, which we are sure will enhance safety and effectiveness of our service delivery and our leadership of the HITS JIP".

For further information, please contact EM&I via the enquiries form.