Vantage Drilling's platinum explorer (PLX) ultra deepwater drillship

EM&I has successfully completed the first phase of a contract to conduct an ODIN® Alternative UWILD (underwater inspection in lieu of drydock) on Vantage Drilling’s platinum explorer (PLX) ultra deepwater drillship in the Bay of Bengal.

ODIN allows the asset to remain in continuous operation throughout and on-hire throughout the UWILD.

ODIN includes all the structural, isolation valves and ROV inspections required for the PLX to ensure full-class UWILD compliance without the use of divers or work-class ROVs.

EM&I CEO Danny Constantinis noted: "We were delighted to have been awarded this contract which continues to reinforce our unique position in this market.

"We look forward to rewarding Vantage Drilling’s trust in us by ensuring they achieve their objective of meeting challenging operational objectives, while delivering a safe, on budget and class-compliant survey without Vantage needing to come off hire."

For more information, please contact EM&I.