Independent producer CNR, working with FoundOcean, a subsea grouting service company, has successfully installed a series of fabric formwork pipeline supports in CNR’s Baobab field, Cote d’Ivoire, at a water depth of 1,230m.

This is an industry record, beating the previous maximum documented depth for ROV deployed grout bags at less than 1,000m. In executing the project last winter, CNR engaged FoundOcean because of its considerable deep water ROV grouting experience. The marine spread and ROV services were provided by CNR, with FoundOcean supplying the pipeline support formworks, deployment system and grout mixing equipment.

Jim Bell, managing director of FoundOcean said: “This is the first time we’ve operated at such depths. The project was successful, and this technology increases the options for supporting pipelines in fields that have previously been inaccessible due to water depth.”

CNR is an independent oil and natural gas exploration, development and production company based in Calgary, Alberta. Their operations are focused in western Canada, the North Sea and offshore West Africa.

FoundOcean is a privately owned subsea grouting contractor based in the UK. In addition to pipeline stabilisation services FoundOcean supplies platform installation, inspection and repair services worldwide. FoundOcean is exhibiting on the UK Pavilion Stand No.2541-7.