GasTechno® is the world’s first patented single-step gas to liquids (GTL) conversion process. The company’s non-catalytic technology converts hydrocarbons to high-grade methanol, ethanol or diesel blends on-site, perfect for both offshore and onshore solutions.

Having recently received a Crain’s List #1 IP ranking in the state of Michigan, in competition with organizations such as Michigan State University, Dow Chemical, Ford, GM and GE Aviation, GasTechno is positioned for aggressive growth with commercial partners. Its recently announced Early Adopter Program has already worked with candidates from four continents.

Economic GTL solutions

GasTechno’s patented single-step GTL conversion process is an innovation in the GTL sector. By avoiding the capital costs involved with gas pre-treatment and synthesis gas (syngas) conversion, GasTechno is able to manufacture market-ready, end products with a 50% to 60% CAPEX reduction. Not only does this allow GasTechno to deliver the world’s best GTL economics on medium-sized sites of five million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) to 30 MMSCFD, but it creates the world’s only Mini-GTL market on sites as small as 200,000ft³/day.

Applying this technology provides oil companies with a working solution for gas capture during offshore oil extraction. Oil assets previously frozen due to flaring regulations or costly re-injection now have a scalable and profitable solution, allowing oil companies to focus on core operations. Because GasTechno does not require syngas conversion, its facilities have significant weight and size advantages, crucial during FPSO design, engineering and operations.

GasTechno’s GTL In A Box.
GasTechno successfully rolled-out its first modular commercial unit using real-world associated gas in December 2013.
GasTechno was awarded first place in Crain's List and in IP investment firm Ocean Tomo’s top 100 Innovation Index for Michigan 2012, edging out some of the most widely recognised brands in the world.
Improved design allows for industry leading returns on investment.
A comparison of the initial capital cost of commercial facilities compared with production in barrels per day.

Flexible offshore technology

With everything from skid-mounted modular solutions (GTL In A Box™ and Methanol In A Box™) to four scales of plant design, GasTechno has a solution for an enormous range of sites and gas production peak and decline curves. With no catalyst required and carbon dioxide capability as high as 60%, GasTechno is able to generate valuable liquids from a wide range of feedstocks, including associated gas, stranded natural gas, landfill gas, and more. Its technology integrates with commercially available processes for the synthesis of methanol to gasoline, olefins, polypropylene, acetic acid, formaldehyde, biodiesel, di-methyl ether, and other market-specific products.

Low-maintenance gas to liquids conversion

GasTechno’s simple process of direct partial oxidation and Energy Efficient Recycle® are indifferent to nitrogen content and require no catalyst, resulting in no fouling and low cost maintenance. Its exothermic reaction is paired with a large recycle loop and integrated with a proprietary methanol scrubber system with pure carbon dioxide captured and utilized. All of this translates into industry leading automation, improved reliability, a smaller footprint and one of the industry’s most capital-efficient technologies.

About GasTechno

GasTechno research and development began in 2004. By 2010, the company’s first pilot facility was in operation, converting natural gas to market-ready products such as methanol and ethanol. The company successfully rolled out its first modular commercial unit using associated flared gas in August 2013. Numerous independent industry professionals have recognized GasTechno’s patents and process, including Crains’ Business in its reporting of the independent Ocean Tomo IP Rating, Nexant ChemSystems, the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) programme and other available references upon request.

GasTechno is currently seeking commercial partners to grow and develop its technology. If you’d like to learn more please use the contact details below.