Mobile Monitoring

If you are evaluating the benefits of a ship monitoring system but are put off by the initial investment in the equipment, LA Maritime offers an alternative for you, the Mobile Monitoring.

The Mobile Monitoring is a good first step in the right direction, when it comes to the measuring of all ship performance related figures, such as main engine power and consumption, but also vessels speed over ground and speed through water, etc.

The Mobile Monitoring enables you to receive valuable data without an installation of any equipment. One of our skilled service engineers will board your ship and bring the necessary test equipment on board while the vessel is at a port and will collect the necessary information during the voyage between two ports.

The collected information will provide a complete picture of the vessels performance and give very specific indication on status-quo and possible measures that can be taken to reach an improvement.

The innovative system we use is made in Germany and the reference list includes all types of vessels from container ships, over tankers to German Navy Ships.