Steyr Motors

For nearly a century, Steyr Motors of Austria has produced powerful diesel engines for a wide range of applications, from light-armored vehicles, ATV’s, and hybrid trolley busses to racing boats, lifeboats and rescue boats.

The marine diesel engine specialists at G.C. Maritime and its parent company L.A. Maritime are factory-authorized to service all Steyr marine engines. And Steyr’s newest engine, the SE6, is no exception.

Steyr’s first monoblock engine, introduced in 1922, has gone through numerous upgrades and refinements since then. The SE6 offers immediate response and impressive acceleration, coupled with engine noise abatement, significant emission reduction and reduced fuel cost through improved performance.

In December 2014, service engineers from both companies attended training in Costa Mesa, California, US, on engine timing, diagnostics, and overhauling the new SE6.

G.C. Maritime general manager Hans Haneveld says: "Most fast rescue boats are equipped with Steyr engines, because they are lightning-fast, lightweight, and dependable. In fact, Steyr is the choice of US Navy tender boats. But these engines must be kept in peak condition to avoid catastrophic failure."

The new Steyr Monoblock SE6 needs service after 50h of running time, again at 100h of run time, and at regular intervals thereafter. Safety is paramount. Ignoring scheduled maintenance could result in costly last-minute repairs, total engine replacement, and in a man overboard situation, the potential for loss of life.

Your FRC will be ready in an emergency situation with diesel service from G.C. Maritime and L.A. Maritime. Whether you need service at your site or in one of our workshops, GCM and LAM have the service engineers, diagnostic tools, spare parts, and years of experience to keep the new SE6 in top operating condition.

G.C. Maritime and L.A. Maritime provide optimum service to offshore operators and ship-owners with a network of seven locations in North America – Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Vancouver, Nassau and Houston.

Since beginning these businesses in 2003 by providing service on marine diesel engines, president Dieter Liebich, a Master Mariner and mechanical engineer, has grown the operations to include inspections on lifeboats and davits, general ship repair, sale of spare parts and LSA equipment, crew training, load testing on marine and offshore cranes, and technical consultation.

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