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Inspection, Technology Rental and Project Engineering Services

Units 10 -12 Whitemyres Business Centre
Whitemyres Avenue,
AB16 6HQ United Kingdom

Units 10 -12 Whitemyres Business Centre
Whitemyres Avenue,
AB16 6HQ United Kingdom

Inspectahire is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist remote visual inspection technology and managed solutions to organisations around the world. Established in 1981, we are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and offer equipment rental, inspection provision and project engineering services globally.

Technically-skilled inspection team

When using our equipment and services you will be supported by a team of skilled engineers who have a wealth of inspection knowledge and experience. Their expertise extends to a wide range of equipment and assets, both onshore and offshore, and in all environments – including harsh and hazardous. All our work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 best practice.

Everyone has void spaces they occasionally need to investigate or places which they cannot easily or safely get to – that is where our team of dedicated and skilled personnel can provide a means or resource to undertake the inspection. Underwater, on water, below ground, on ground or above ground, we have equipment that can do the job safely and effectively. We can offer rental or contracting options for the equipment and if required can engineer the whole project for you.

Risk and cost minimisation

Safety and cost are two of the biggest concerns in industry today. At Inspectahire we realise this and aim to minimise the effect of them both. We do this by using the latest inspection technology, which can either be operated remotely or, if the requirements allow, manually.

Having worked for three decades in the oil and gas industry, both in the North Sea and worldwide, we have built up a strong expertise in this sector. Due to the shape, environment or size of assets it can make you wonder how you should go about safely ensuring that they are free from corrosion, operating effectively and not leaking.

Experience means new ideas for different applications

Our experience is not limited to one industry, and we often draw on experiences from one industry and apply them in another. We have successfully delivered a wide range of advanced inspection solutions to the oil and gas, renewables, subsea, power, petroleum retail, pharmaceuticals, physical assets and process industries.

Relying on our extensive experience and equipment we can carry out inspections on all sorts of structures, pipes, surfaces and equipment at all sorts of angles: underwater, on water, below ground, on ground or above ground. We can insert Ex equipment and technology into harsh or hazardous environments, mounted on intrinsically safe pan-and-tilt mounts or explosion-proof tractors. We can even detect gas emissions safely, and from a distance, using some of our very latest gas-find equipment.

In-house custom-design

Sometimes the problem dictates that we have to create a solution. When this happens, we can use our in-house design capability to custom design a system. We are committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes and services to remain a market leader of inspection services. We have worked on a diverse range of projects across the world – from the legs of oil and gas platforms to the tips of wind turbines, via railway infrastructure and factory machinery, we have been called upon to undertake all types of inspections, in all environments – including harsh and hazardous areas.

All our technicians are trained to work at height, either from aerial platforms or scaffolding, or using abseil techniques. They are also trained to work safely in confined spaces, such as platform legs, tunnels, mines and process vessels. Having established an enviable track record as a result of our multi-industry experience we apply our solutions in an innovative way – often setting industry firsts.


Inspectahire have come a long way and technology has changed but, we are still committed to finding simple solutions to the most interesting problems.

Today, we operate globally and are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of progressive inspection solutions. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, we also have offices across the globe, as well as a worldwide network of agents.

Case Study: Sullom Voe Terminal

The world's largest single-skin LPG tanks are located at the Sullom Voe Terminal in the Shetland Islands. Each tank has a 22,000t capacity, they are 48m in diameter and were erected in the 1970s.

Case Study: Gas Thermal Imaging Cameras

When Inspectahire is tasked with detecting fugitive hydrocarbon emissions, FLIR's GF320 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera is the company's preferred technology to use.

Making a Visible Difference

Inspectahire is one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist inspection technology and solutions to companies worldwide. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, the company offers equipment rental, contracting and project engineering services that provide flexible solutions.

Inspectahire to Attend AOG 2014

Aberdeen-based remote visual inspection company Inspectahire is delighted to announce it will be in attendance at AOG 2014.

Inspectahire to Attend WFES 2014

Aberdeen-based remote visual inspection company Inspectahire Instruments LTD is delighted to announce that it will be in attendance at WFES 2014.

Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd.

Units 10 -12 Whitemyres Business Centre

Whitemyres Avenue


AB16 6HQ

United Kingdom