pipe inspection crawler

In keeping with its commitment to provide Australian industry with world-class equipment and technologies which enable improved efficiencies and lower operating costs, Nexxis has just added the high-end Versatrax 150 pipe inspection crawler system to its product range.

This new unit is the only one of its kind in Australia and according to Jason De Silveira, MD of Nexxis, it revolutionises the remote inspection landscape through its longer range and expanded inspection capabilities.

"The exciting Versatrax 150™ or ‘Mark II’ as it has been dubbed by the manufacturers, Inuktun, is a significant step up from the original Versatrax 150 and is a real game-changer in sub-sea, petrochemical, mining, oil and gas, hydroelectric, sewers and other challenging pipeline inspections," he said.

The Mark II’s 1,000m inspection range is over twice as far as that of Inuktun’s original crawler vehicle and it can operate in pipes as small as 150mm in diameter. Other noteworthy features include a remotely operated camera/sensor raise motor, optional fibre optic tether for high bandwidth devices and powerful lighting, enabling highly detailed inspections of even the most difficult applications. It can travel at speeds of up to nine metres a minute and with its increased mobility, can handle steep inclines, declines, pipeline debris, box culverts and tank bases with ease.

With its multiple options for on-board sensors and tools including high definition cameras, sonar, retrieval tools, laser profilers, NDT and ethernet sensors, the new system offers greater versatility and expanded opportunities for data sharing, including real-time HD video viewing.

"This sophisticated but highly practical unit is representative of our business objectives," De Silveira added. "We identify gaps in the market and then find the world’s smartest and most productive technical solutions to fill those gaps.

"By partnering with customers through short-term rental, long-term leasing, rent-to-own, financing or purchase options for these innovative products, we can add value to their business and help them reduce project downtime and find better, more versatile and more cost-effective ways of doing their work."