Nexxis remote tank inspection unit

The arrival of the MaggHD robotic video magnetic crawler, the only one of its kind in Australia, has been described by the suppliers as a breakthrough in remote tank inspection.

Australia-based NDT equipment manufacturer Nexxis MD Jason De Silveira said the availability of this high-end, fully portable high-definition tank inspection package has opened up a world of opportunity for customers: "It basically enables faster, better quality and more versatile tank inspections, and this enhanced performance in turn delivers long-term cost reductions and greater efficiencies to users, which is what we aim to do with all of our technical solutions."

Developed by Inuktun, the MaggHD follows the successful release of the MaggUT™ in 2015, and offers a range of expanded capabilities and functionality.

These updated features include a 360° continuous tilt camera with full 1,080px video, a 10x optical zoom, four variable intensity LED lights and parallel laser lines for on-screen size estimation.

The camera head can also be removed from the crawler and attached to an extendable pole, which facilitates the quick and effective inspection of tanks and pressure vessels.

This new product embodies Nexxis’ business objective, which is to constantly seek smarter and better technical solutions, which fill gaps in the market and add value to their customers’ operations.

According to De Silveira, industry response has been extremely positive: "When engineers and technicians at the US Department of Energy (DOE) site in Washington, where millions of gallons of chemical and radioactive waste are stored in underground tanks, were shown the new unit, they all said they loved its continuous tilt, high-definition video, laser lines and the joystick control.

"The MaggHD is clearly a product which meets an industry need, and we have plenty of ways that customers in Australia can experience its benefits, including long term leasing, short term rentals, rent to own, purchase and financing."

Nexxis supplies specialist remote visual inspection technology (RVI), non-destructive testing equipment (NDT), instrumentation, measurement and alignment equipment to companies worldwide.

The company’s products are used in a diverse array of industries, including oil and gas, subsea, energy, aviation, asset maintenance and integrity, utility services, defence and energy.