The newly launched TrukTorque™ pneumatic torque multiplier from Norbar Torque Tools features a special banana shaped design reaction arm to handle bolt tightening on both front and rear wheels of trucks and buses. The design also easily accommodates wheel trims and deeply recessed wheel bolts. Additionally, the multiplier has none of the noise and vibration problems associated with impact wrenches.

The Norbar TrukTorque offers the ultimate in accuracy, safety and convenience for the commercial vehicle repair and maintenance workshop. The tool operates up to 1,000N.m of torque, is considerably lighter than a comparable impact wrench and is designed so that the operator’s hands do not risk getting caught in trapping zones while wheel nuts are being tightened.

TrukTorque also has a range of further invaluable benefits:

  • Many workshops use an impact wrench to fasten the nuts and then apply a torque wrench to check that the nuts have not been under tightened. TrukTorque does both jobs at once. This saves time and also avoids the frequent problem of over-tightened nuts when using the two tools. TrukTorque provides the exact level of required torque every time
  • Unlike an impact wrench, TrukTorque is very quiet.
    ‘Noise at Work’ regulations state that it becomes compulsory to wear hearing protection when decibel exposure levels exceed 85dBA. Typically, an impact wrench when idling reaches 90dBA – 98dBA when idling and exceeds this when impacting. TrukTorque when operating reaches only 83dBA, which means that the operator does not need ear defenders and the working environment is free from excessive noise for all in the vicinity
  • Low vibration levels support health and safety in the workplace by avoiding occupational risks such as vibration white finger (VWF)
    • The ‘Control of Vibrations at Work’ regulations impose a daily exposure action value (EAV) of 2.5m/s², above which employers must introduce controls to eliminate or reduce exposure and provide health surveillance to operators regularly exposed to vibration that exceeds this level
    • The Norbar TrukTorque does not exceed 2.5m/s². This means there is no restriction in its use during the working day

Philip Brodey of Norbar said that commercial vehicle workshops were increasingly turning to torque multipliers for wheel nut tightening operations. “There are significant benefits over impact wrenches in terms of efficiency, productivity and for creating a safe, stress free environment for employees.”