Norbar Launches New Torque App

Norbar Torque Tools is launching a handy torque conversion calculator as a free download on Android and iPhone systems. Similar to the calculator featured at the company’s website, the new app offers instant conversion across a full range of SI, metric and imperial units.

Being able to access this information from mobile devices will be invaluable for professionals in engineering and all other sectors requiring accurate torque measurement. Students and apprentices in engineering and technology will also find this app a useful tool to assist in their calculations.

Norbar, based in Banbury UK, is the world’s leading torque specialist and has branches in the US, Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore. The company’s manufacturing experience and expert knowledge have made this new torque measurement app as a truly international tool – easy to access and simple to use by any nationality and useful to engineers, scientists and technologists alike.

Philip Brodey, director of Norbar, maintains that mobility and flexibility of use is vital in many working environments and projects in the field. “The three different systems of measurement are all widely used and this app will make instant calculations between them from the largest to the smallest scales of measurement. The same applies to conversions within a system. This new app is a time saving aid and an ideal way to check your calculations.”

The widely used SI measurement of torque is the Newton metre (N.m), which is the level of torque resulting from the force of one Newton at a distance of one metre. This approximates to just over (kilogram force metre) and 0.7lbf.ft (pound force foot or foot pound).

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