Offfshore blasting services.

OCS Services has been providing offshore and marine maintenance solutions to major oil and gas companies worldwide for the last three decades. The company operates with offices in Dubai, Singapore and Mumbai to assist clients working in different regions and time zones. OCS Services also has agents in Africa and other regions to assist clients with immediate requirements, improving reaction time to client needs.

OCS Services offers the following to the oil and gas and marine industries:

  • Marine manning services
  • Oil and gas manning services
  • Total corrosion management
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of offshore vessels

Marine manning and services

The marine division of OCS Services is internationally known as Nortrans. The division provides a wide range of services, including total crew management, technical support management, FPSO/FSO services, shipbuilding and supervision.

FPSO installation of a new hydro-cyclone platform and associated piping to tie into the existing system.
Installation of a lifeboat on-board an FPSO.
Installation of a fire and gas bracket, JBs and PAGA speakers on an FPSO.
FPSO sandwich plate repair work in progress.
Completed sandwich plate repair work.
Cutting and removing anchor jacks on a drilling rig.
Crew doing pre-fab on a drilling rig.

All services ensure the highest levels of adherence to client needs and service-level agreements.

Oil and gas manning and services

OCS Services is an experienced and well-established crew management services provider, equally conversant with drilling and production. Its total integrated crew management system is an end-to-end manpower management solution that covers all bases and enables clients to outsource complete personnel-related processes.

The company offers comprehensive recruitment and back-office support by providing and maintaining a highly efficient and effective crew on-board. Crews are selected in line with client requirements, modified and customised to individual specifications.

Total corrosion management

OCS Services offers comprehensive corrosion management solutions, in-situ, for FPSOs, platforms and rigs both onshore and offshore, including customised and comprehensive auditing, inspection, planning, execution and project management services.

The company’s total corrosion management solutions for the marine and offshore industry include:

  • Corrosion audits / inspections
  • Provision of skilled personnel
  • Surface preparation and painting
  • Scaffolding services
  • Rope access services
  • Supply of equipment such as UHP units, air compressors, airless spray pumps, etc.

Non-sparking grinding and cutting tools

OCS Services is an exclusive importer / agent for the Middle East and India for Safety Tools Allmet of Norway. The company’s COLD grinding and cutting tools are approved by Det Norsk Veritas (DNV) for use in Ex Zone 1 and 2 areas without the need for a hot work permit. They are the only Ex-certified tools of their kind, and have been able to revolutionise the way that surface preparation, grinding and cutting operations are carried out in Ex zones. They reduce / eliminate the cost to the maintenance operation caused by production shutdown, job preparation, time spent for risk evaluation, surface damage, creating habitats and health issues.

Offshore vessel maintenance, repair and overhaul

OCS Services provides a one-stop solution for maintenance, repair and overhaul of offshore oil and gas assets. It keeps track of maintenance plans defined by OEMs for their respective equipment and machinery and also provides specialised manpower. Services include:

  • Project management
  • Testing and commissioning on FPSOs
  • On-site supervision and surveys
  • Structural steel repairs
  • Sandwich plate systems (SPS)
  • Renewing and replacing piping on FPSO process systems and pig launcher, water injection, deluge, ballast and process cooling lines
  • Supporting clients during shutdown and turnaround work
  • Providing trained technical manpower to support clients with overhaul and repairs of gas compressors
  • Upgrading process instrumentation, including PAGA and fire and gas systems
  • Condition monitoring using vibration analysis
  • Accommodation upgrades
  • UT gauging on operating FPSOs and rigs as required by classification rules
  • Rope access services to support UT gauging and close-up surveys
  • Asbestos audits and reporting; removal and disposal according to guidelines
  • Pressure safety valve testing and calibration on process systems
  • HVAC repairs and upgrades
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning projects such as installation of produced water plants and lifeboats and turret repairs
  • Installation of Elastopipe as service providers with Trelleborg