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Compliance Inspection and Training Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Offshore Technical Compliance LLC (OTC) provides the global oil and gas industry with drilling and production compliance inspection and training services, as well as independent third-party verification for well control equipment and rig acceptance services.

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Offshore Technical Compliance LLC (OTC) provides the global oil and gas industry with drilling and production compliance inspection and training services, as well as independent third-party verification for well control equipment and rig acceptance processes.

Founded in 2007, the company supplies digital pressure testing for well control equipment using its GREENLIGHT solution, which is powered by Hecate Software.

OTC’s GREENLIGHT is approved by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), allowing users to save money through predictive high-pressure analysis and cut blowout preventer (BOP) testing times by approximately 50% compared to analogue or non-predictive testing methods.

Inspections for rig acceptance, drilling, and marine compliance

OTC offers regulatory compliance readiness inspections to ensure safe operation and adherence with the relevant regulations. OTC inspections are carried out by former Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), BSEE, or Minerals Management Service inspectors, as well as highly experienced practical drilling and production crew.

OTC provides the GREENLIGHT platform for digital pressure testing of offshore equipment.
Compliance training programmes are available for offshore rig personnel.
Experienced staff can carry out internal reviews or audits to ensure vessels comply with company policies.

Services include complete rig acceptance, ongoing spot and mock annual inspections, including compliance documentation review, visual inspections, BOP test support and verification.

Experienced OTC staff are available to train offshore operators on regulatory compliance, as well as perform internal reviews or audits to verify vessel compliance with company policies. The company uses OTCap proprietary inspection software to record inspections and create reports for comparison. All compliance inspections are reviewed by shore-based staff such as engineers and are ISO 9001 certified.

Preparation for United States Coast Guard (USCG) safety and regulatory inspections can be provided for foreign-flagged and domestic oil and gas exploration companies.

Strict regulatory compliance for offshore operations worldwide

OTC provides strict regulatory compliance oversight for companies worldwide to ensure high safety standards similar to those enforced in the US following the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

Independent third-party verification can be carried out by a team of engineers, inspectors and regulatory staff to ensure the high level of standards is met.

Oil and gas industry regulatory compliance training programmes

Three unique regulatory compliance training programmes accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) are available to prepare offshore personnel with practical self-inspection skills to ensure safe and compliant operation.

The five-day Offshore Drilling Regulatory Compliance Training 35-hour course is suitable for drilling personnel such as engineers, superintendents, rig managers, and maintenance staff.

The course is intended to ensure participants can identify and explain potential regulatory and compliance-related errors, providing them with knowledge of the applicable requirements and inspection methodology.

OTC’s three-day, 24-hour Marine Regulatory Compliance Training course is designed for mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU), and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel personnel such as compliance managers, chief and deck officers.

Overall, the course aims to teach participants about regulatory compliance inspection and methodology across the offshore industry with a range of materials, exercises and written tests.

The company’s 30-hour Production Regulatory Compliance course lasts for three and a half days and is intended for production staff with regulatory compliance responsibilities such as operators, electricians, engineers and maintenance staff.

Aiming to provide personnel with an understanding of applicable regulatory compliance requirements, the course is designed to ensure participants can identify and explain faults they may encounter.

Digital offshore pressure testing services

OTC’s GREENLIGHT digital pressure testing software suite can carry out, analyse and record a range of pressure tests in addition to those specific to BOPs.

The solution supplies secure and complete digital records of all testing activity. Low and high-pressure BOP analytical routines are performed, providing real-time high-definition digital output and predictive analysis to improve efficiency.

GREENLIGHT software has no restriction on the number of tests as the system restarts following each cycle.

OTC’s team of BOP testing specialists support GREENLIGHT 24/7, ensuring that test plans are efficient and comply with required standards. Software includes the BLUEPRINT test planning tool and the LEAFLET reporting and documentation programme, which are supported by the ATLAS online data capture and analysis solution.

Independent well control equipment verification

OTC’s American Petroleum Institute-standard third-party services are available for engineering and compliance verification, including shear, BOP equipment, and high-pressure high-temperature design verification. Other services are available such as five-year maintenance reporting, mechanical integrity assessment, and failure reporting management.

Engineering services include reliability analysis services, maintenance system assessment and system design. The company’s expertise includes BOP control systems, reliability programmes and component development.

Additional offshore training services

OTC offers a wide range of other training services, including multiple pulsed eddy current (PEC) and medical courses for all employees.

The company’s training expertise is designed to develop training courses based on instructor development, analysis of course requirements, and curriculum development.


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    Introduction video to OTC Greenlight, a digital pressure testing software system.

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