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Pacific Central Teknik (PCT) has been serving the offshore, marine, oil and gas industries from Singapore since 1995. We provide a combination of specialist and common products for oil and gas and multi-fuel combustion equipment, thermal oil systems, gas pressure reduction and metering skids, fuel oil pumping equipment and flow measurement equipment.

Our multi-discipline engineering team is well-equipped to provide clients with one-stop solutions in engineering service, repair and maintenance work, to meet the stringent requirements of offshore and marine hazardous environments.

Main projects include the design, build and commissioning of burner combustion systems for installation in power generators, steam boilers and thermal oil boilers according to various marine classification requirements.

We also cater to the conversion of fuel oil burner systems to triple fuel burner systems on-board FPSO/FSO for offshore platforms and the installation and replacement of fuel oil pumping units and flow measurement equipment.

We also offer automation solutions including system design, software programming, engineering services, programme logical control, control panel manufacturing and onsite support.

Oilon combustion equipment system

PCT represents the world-renowned Oilon burners from Finland. Oilon burners offer a wide range of light and heavy fuel, gas and multi-fuel burner systems with a capacity range between 10kW – 63MW for industrial and marine users. Oilon also manufactures power plant and process burners capable of deployment in different plants and applications such as waste fuel, bio-fuel and multi-fuel and simultaneous waste firing burners. With more than 50 years of experience, Oilon is highly reliable and built for easy commissioning.

RMG gas pressure reduction and metering station

RMG offers modern manufacturing techniques complete with continuous product development. It recognises the gas industry’s increasing requirement for regulation and metering equipment, as well as measurement devices, electronic flow corrector systems and odourisation systems, to name a few. RMG supplies a full range of natural gas related products, from direct acting regulators to modern ultrasonic gas metres with the integration of equipment in individual gas pressure regulating and metering modules to serve a wide range of applications.

KRAL fuel oil pumping and flow measurement

KRAL from Austria develops and manufactures all of its screw pumps, flow meters and technical systems. KRAL screw pumps are used to deliver lubricating, non-abrasive and chemically inert liquids. Typical applications include:

  • Feeding and circulating pumps for fuels, including marine gas oil and lubricants
  • Mechanical engineering, such as lubricant and coolant pumps for gear, engines, turbines and hydraulic systems
  • Oil burner technology, and ring and transfer pump
  • Plastic processing, particularly in polyurethane applications

The KRAL volumeter (flow meter) is a compact and precise positive displacement metre that measures the flow of liquids from low viscosity liquids like petrol, acids, and alkalis to high viscosity liquids such as printing inks and bitumen.

Lanemark process tank heating

Lanemark provides a wide range of process burners, immersion tube tank systems and gas fired burner systems, which are designed to integrate into a wide range of industrial process heating applications. Lanemark TX and TRX series burners offer a wide range of process liquids that can be heated accurately and consistently with the Lanemark TX series small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems. These systems are highly cost-effective in operation; efficiencies in excess of 80% are readily achieved in both new build and retrofit installations.

Marine and offshore automation solution services

PCT has incorporated automation solutions and services for marine, offshore and industrial purposes. This is a strategic move as it improves efficiency and productivity. Our engineer team specialises in marine and offshore equipment automation control, with sound knowledge capabilities to understand different platforms, software and hardware applications, installation and implementations that provide our clients with a professional, hassle-free experience.

We are skilled in providing solutions and related services in various industries incorporating power, steam and thermal oil generation systems. We also offer automation solutions which include system designing, software programming, engineering design, control panel manufacturing and onsite support. We fulfil our commitment through responsibility, adaptability, innovation and integrity.

FPSO/FSO combustion system conversion

Our engineering team has extensive experience converting FPSO/FSO boiler fuel systems, with the capability to design, build and commission burner combustion systems according to various marine classification requirements. We specialise in the conversion of heavy fuel oil burner system to multi-fuel system onboard FPSO/FSO in the marine and offshore industry.

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