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Mechanical, Inspection and Pipeline Intervention Services

Pretect, formerly known as RBG Middle East, was established ten years ago and has a proven track record for specialised maintenance, inspection, intervention, mechanical support and rope access services, providing operational knowledge and quality solutions for asset integrity needs.


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Pretect, formerly known as RBG Middle East, was established ten years ago and has a proven track record for specialised maintenance, inspection, intervention, mechanical support and rope access services, providing operational knowledge and quality solutions for asset integrity needs.

Pretect is a combination of the words ‘prevent’ and ‘protect’, which are the two key attributes of the company’s operations. The organisation offers dependable solutions that enable clients to pre-empt problems, minimise risk and protect operations and assets.

Our services adhere to the highest levels of health, safety and quality. We are widely recognised as a leading support partner in delivering a safe work environment in the Middle East’s energy sector. Pretect offers unparalleled energy solutions to the Middle East through three service verticals: mechanical services, inspection services and rope access services.

Mechanical services for the offshore and onshore sectors

We provide the following mechanical services:

Our mechanical services include bolting, machining, water jetting, hot tapping and line stopping.
Non-destructive testing forms the core of our inspection services.
Rope access allows technicians to safely move around complex locations.
Installation and maintenance work is made quicker by the use of rope access.
Pretect protects work environments with a strong commitment to HSEQ.
  • Bolt torquing and tensioning
  • High- and ultra high-pressure water jetting
  • On-site machining services
  • Manpower resource supply
  • Hot tapping
  • Pipeline cutting and preparation services
  • Line stopping and pipe freezing

Inspection services

Our inspection services are formed of non-destructive evaluation or non-destructive testing (NDT), which is a wide group of analysis techniques used in the industry to evaluate the properties of a product without causing it any damage.

Conventional NDT methods:

  • Visual inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Liquid penetrant examination
  • Eddy current testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Conventional UT
  • Conventional radiographic testing

Advanced NDT methods:

  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Phased array
  • Time of flight
  • Long-range guided wave testing
  • Internal rotary inspection system (IRIS)
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Remote field technique
  • Alternating current field measurement
  • Close proximity digital radiography
  • Direct radiography
  • Positive material identification

Rope access services for offshore operators

Rope access is a cost-effective system allowing technicians to get to and from complex locations for installation and maintenance quickly and safely. The benefits of using rope access for operators are:

  • Multi-disciplined and skilled personnel to conduct the full operation
  • Minimum mobilisation and establishment time at site
  • All equipment supplied by Pretect for the complete works
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Efficient safe working practices

Energy solutions for offshore work environments

Pretect delivers solutions that incorporate superior levels of health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) with the utmost regard for the protection of working environments. Pretect is very particular about maintaining the ISO 9001 quality management system and will never compromise on its commitment to HSEQ to achieve any other business objective.

The organisation strives to achieve an injury and incident-free workplace by:

  • Promoting high standards, every day on every task
  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining a strong management system
  • Implementing continual education programmes
  • Closely monitoring the training and certification of all personnel
  • Setting measurable KPIs for all operational departments
  • Fostering a proactive culture
  • Creating a cooperative and collaborative alliance with internal and external customers
  • Building relationships based on trust, partnership, ownership and shared leadership

About Pretect

Pretect’s management team is fully committed to ensuring complete and consistent customer satisfaction, as well as safeguarding its clients’ reputation globally. This commitment is reflected in every task undertaken by the organisation for all its clients.

Pretect takes pride in its team of well-trained professionals and the wealth of management experience that allows high-calibre services to be offered to clients, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

White Papers

  • FLOORMAP3D Tank Floor Inspection

    Corrosion survey of tank floor plates, to provide trend information on deterioration and to identify areas for repair so that lifetime and loss rate predictions can be accurately made.

Press Releases

  • PRETECT and SPX Bolting Systems

    Pretect is proud to be a regional services delivery partner and distributor for SPX Bolting Systems, an industry-leading global manufacturer of controlled bolting solutions, including hydraulic torque, tensioning systems and flange integrity management software.

  • SPX Bolting Systems Wins Order for Qatar Maintenance Order

    SPX Bolting Systems in the Middle East, with support from its UK counterpart, has secured a $1.2m order to supply tools and equipment to Pretect, the Qatar-based company working on a major five-year maintenance shutdown programme for a client in the LNG sector.

CR No. 34308
5th Floor, The Gate, Bay Tower 2
Maysaloun St
West Bay
P.O. Box No. 22084

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